The King James Bible : Genesis

posted by Will Johnson, professional genealogist


This Knol is under construction.  It was begun Oct 2009.

The King James Bible: Genesis (this article, 2525 views)

Genesis Chapter 1 (2627 views)
    God creates the universe, plants, creatures and man out of nothing.

Genesis Chapter 2 (2164 views)
    God creates Adam, and plants the Garden.  Adam names all the animals.  God creates Eve.

Genesis Chapter 3 (2199 views)
    The Fall of Man.  Adam and Eve banished from the Garden of Eden.

Genesis Chapter 4 (2360 views)
    Cain murders Abel.  The generations of Cain.

Genesis Chapter 5 (3045 views)
    The Genealogy of Adam and EveThe Genealogy of Noah.

Genesis Chapter 6 (1884 views)
    God decides to destroy all men, beasts and fowl; except Noah

Genesis Chapter 7 (1804 views)
    Noah and his family go into the Ark and the Flood comes and covers the Earth.

Genesis Chapter 8 (1669 views)
    God makes the Flood end.  Noah and his family come out of the Ark.

Genesis Chapter 9 (1827 views)
    God establishes a covenant with Noah.  Creation of the Rainbow.  Noah gets drunk.  Canaan is cursed.

Genesis Chapter 10 (1912 views)
    The descendants of Noah.