Annotated Missouri Snodgrass Death Certificates

by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist


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"Annotated Missouri Snodgrass Death Certificates", by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist
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The State of Missouri, has began posting to an official online website, all of their early death certificates.  You can view the site and search the available certificates at this link: Missouri Death Certificates 1910-58  Each year which passes, they will put up another year's worth of them, so that they are always fifty years in the past.

As an adjunct to my page Snodgrass Source Book for Missouri, in this article, I'm going to go through all of the posted Snodgrass death certificates in Missouri, and link each person to known families.

1910 Snodgrass Deaths in Missouri
Name Date of Death County City Certificate Number  Pop-Up Image
C. H. Snodgrass February 20, 1910 Randolph
2599 Display
Henry Snodgrass February 04, 1910 Morgan
2352 Display
J. B. Snodgrass March 25, 1910 Jasper
5805 Display
Obadiah E. Snodgrass June 22, 1910 Cooper
16175 Display
William G. Snodgrass August 28, 1910 Henry
23627 Display

Extracts and Annotations

Extract: C H Snodgrass, died in Sugar Creek, Randolph County, 20 Feb 1910, age 25, occupation: barber; Father C F Snodgrass, Mother Owens; Informant: C F Snodgrass of Moberly, MO.
Burial in Liberty Cemetery, Moberly.

Annotation: Clarence H Snodgrass was born Mar 1885 in Randolph County, Missouri; the eldest son of Charles F Snodgrass (1854-1927) by his wife Catharine Owens (b. 1863) who had married there in 1881.

Extract: Henry Snodgrass, died in Barnett, Morgan County, 4 Feb 1910, black, married, age 56, Farmer, nothing specified for parents or place of birth.  Informant: Fred Snodgrass of Barnett.
Burial in Green Ridge Cemetery, Barnett.

Annotation: Henry is likely to be the husband of Maggie Snodgrass who appears as a widow in the 1910 census in Morgan County, Missouri with her children, including a Fred.

Extract: J B Snodgrass, died 25 Mar 1910 in Joplin, Jasper County.  Born 24 Mar 1857, a traveling salesman, of wholesale hardware.  Born in Indiana.  Informant Mrs J B Snodgrass of Wamsette ?, MO
Burial in Baptist Cemetery, Joplin.

Annotation: James B Snodgrass married in 1874 in Morgan County, Indiana to Arena Whicker.  In 1880 they appear at Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana.  They had at least two children, including a son Henry (1876-1938)

Extract: Obadiah E Snodgrass was born 22 Jul 1848 in Cooper County, Missouri and died 22 Jun 1910 in North Moniteau, Cooper County.  Father: James Snodgrass born in Tennessee; and Martha Harris, born in Cooper County, Missouri.  Informant: J A Harris of Prairie Home, Missouri.
Burial at Harris Cemetery in California, Missouri.

Annotation: Obadiah appears on the 1850, 60, 70 and 80 census in Cooper County.  His father James was still living in 1880, but his mother Martha had died between 1870 and 1880. On 27 Aug 1871 he married Mary Hunter.  They had at least one child James Ellis Snodgrass (1873-1938)

Extract: William G Snodgrass was born 22 Sep 1832 in Cocke County, Tennessee, and died 28 Aug 1910 in Deepwater, Henry County, Missouri.  Father: Hiram Snodgrass born in Tennesee; Mother: Elsie Manning, born in Tennessee.
Burial at Snodgrass Cemetery in Appleton City

Annotation: William married Catherine C Baskerville 25 Mar 1870 in Bates County, Missouri.  He appears in 1850 and 1860 in Bates County, and then in 1870, 1900 and 1910 in Henry County.  His mother Ailsey "Elsie" died in 1852, and his father Hiram in 1881, both died in Bates County, Missouri.