JVC AL-F350 Turntable


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Today I picked up at my local flea market, a JVC AL-F350 Turntable.  What can I find out about it?  On the front it states "AL-F350 Fully Automatic TurnTable System", on the back place it states the model number as "AL-F350BKX".  I guess the BK might stand for "black" as my unit is black, but I don't know why they need the X unless they were planning to make others in this line.

At this link we see the belt which is a 23.6" (inch) x 3/16" (inch) selling for 11 dollars plus 2 dollars shipping.
At this link the same belt for only nine dollars and free shipping.
At this link, instructions for how to replace the belt.

At this site we find a big cross-reference of JVC belts and needles as well.

This site tells us that this turntable was manufactured beginning in 1987, and describes it as: "AL-F350 belt-drive, fully automatic, dc servo motor, p-mount cartridges".

Here is one for sale, but needs a belt and cartridge, for thirty five dollars, plus twenty-five dollars shipping.

The cartridge is an Audio Technica SLT96E which must mean that the stylus (needle) which is present is the ATSSLT96E per this web site, although mine isn't red like the picture they are showing, so either they are showing a replacement needle or an upgrade or.... what?  Anyway here is another stylus for this cartridge, where they call it the 809AU and state that it is a replacement stylus for the SLT96E cartridge and they are selling it for 14 pounds (British currency).

The cartridge in my unit is silver and black and states "audio-technica SLT96E on the top" in black letters, then it has the company symbol on the foreside, the sleeve that holds the needle is orange and itself also states in itsy-bitsy letters "audio-technica" so I would say that's proof that this is the original.

The unit I picked up was missing it's belt, so I attached another belt I had, just to check that it worked, and it works fine.  The unit has aside from the power switch, a switch marked "start-stop" that is supposed to activate the movement of the arm, to move onto the record, and to move off when finished playing, but when you press it the arm doesn't move right or left.  You have to manually position it over the record.  The button does however make the arm raise up, so go figure.

It has RCA cables to connect the sound to your receiver, and a ground wire as normal, but it also has something that looks like a 9mm mini-plug which they call the Compu-Link.  According to what I can find about it, this seems to be a way, to allow your single remote control to operate all the various components of your RCA system.  Apparently that was really cool when it first came out.  I can't say if anyone today would find it useful or not.

The needle itself is apparently worth somewhere between $25 and $50 bucks alone.  I would sell the needle by itself, or sell the entire unit.  Email me if you're interested in buying the needle for say $25 (free shipping); or buying the whole unit for $35 plus $25 more for shipping.