Annotated Lincoln County Tennessee Wright Marriages

by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist


The annotations below are my own work and therefore copyright by me.  If you cite that information, remember to cite this page by URL or full name and author.

Lincoln County, Tennessee was formed out of Bedford County, in 1809.  However at least the first book of marriages must be missing because the only marriages we have, start from 1838.  Those first marriages can be viewed with a subscription to ancestry, at this link.

The marriages I annotate below are just the first documented marriages with either bride or groom surnamed WRIGHT.

 Groom Bride
 My Annotation
 Martin Wright  Frances Massey  21 Jul 1838 She Mary Frances.  Parents unknown.  1850 Marshall, 1870 Lincoln, she 1880 Marshall.  Seven known children.  Traced forward to 1911.
 William Wright  Mary McNatt  11 Dec 1838 William, son of Benjamin Wright / Hannah McLemore.  Mary, dau of Charles McNatt / Elizabeth White.  1850 Lincoln, TN; 1860 Cape Girardeau, MO; 1870 Williamson, IL.  He married secondly Elizabeth Swan.  Six children by first marriage, not traced.  Three children by second marriage, traced.
 Benjamin G Burson
 Adaline Wright 19 Dec 1839
Correcting to "Benson".  He was the son of Early Benson / Obedience Foster.  She was the daughter of Jacob Wright / Agnes "Nancy" McMillen. 1850, 60, 70 Yalobusha, MS.  Six known children.
 James Wright
 Eliza J McLemore
 24 Apr 1839
Son of Benjamin Wright / Hannah McLemore.  Daughter of Sterling McLemore / Patsey Whitaker.  1850 Lincoln.  Seven known children, traced. Divorced.
 Joel Wright
 Peggy Jane Prosser
 18 Dec 1839
 Son of Benjamin Wright / Hannah McLemore.  Daughter of James Prosser / Frances Richardson. 1850 Lincoln Co, TN; 1860 Lawrence Co, MO.  Eleven known children.
 John W Wright
 Sarah Elizabeth Lenard
 15 Dec 1842
 I don't know anything about this couple.  Do you? Email me at
 John B Wright
 Nancy Castleman
 26 Nov 1845
 Daughter of Jacob Castleman / Sarah Higgins.  He from Virginia.  1850 Mississippi, 1860 Bedford, TN, 1880 Bedford, TN.  Two known children.
 Francis M Wright
 Lucinda A Whittington
 8 May 1846
 Son of Jacob Wright / Agnes "Nancy" McMillen. Her parents unknown. 1850, 60, 70, 80 Lincoln.  Buried Wright Cem at Boonshill.  Eight known children.
 John Felps Malinda Wright 25 Nov 1847
 1850 Bedford - He 26, she 21, Joel Phelps age 1.
 George W Wright
 Elizabeth Bridges
 23 Mar 1847
 He son of Solomon Wright / Anne Moore. She daughter of William Bridges / Peggy Haws. 1850, 60, 70, 80 Lincoln Co, TN. Five known children.
 James L Hogan
Samanda P Wright
 21 Jan 1848
 Correcting her name to "Laminda". Daughter of Jacob R Wright / Mary Davis.  His parents unknown.  Three known children. She married secondly W George Sanders in 1868, two more children.  1870 Lincoln, 1880 Lincoln
 Jacob T Wright
Smith Buchanan
 17 Aug 1848
 Correcting her name to "Judith" (Moffett). Widow of Moses Buchanan.  Daughter of William Moffett / Lucinda Smith.  His parents unknown.  His first wife Louisa Rhodes, died young possibly in childbirth with Mary Louise Wright Apr 1847.  Four more children by Judith.  She one child by first marriage Louisa Moffett Apr 1841. 1860 Lincoln, 1880 Dyer. Then to Weatherford, TX buried there.
 David P Torley
Emily C Wright 28 Feb 1850
 Correcting his name to "Tuley".  Son of Charles Tuley / Mary Cummings.  Her parents unknown. 1860 Maury.  Ten known children.
 Newberry James
Catharine Wright
 19 Jan 1840
 He son of Newberry James / Elizabeth Gilmore.  She daughter of Nathaniel Harris Wright Jr / Dorothy "Dolly" Blair. 1850, 1860 Tippah, MS.  1870, 80 Boone, AR.  Ten known children.  Buried Boone County, AR.
 William Cone
Elizabeth Wright
 11 Feb 1840
 She daughter of Solomon Wright / Anne Moore.  1850, 60 Lincoln. 1870, 80 Obion. Eight known children.
 Isaac N Wright
Jane J Downey
 26 Mar 1840
 Correcting her name to "Downing" per Wanda Diomedes.  He son of Jacob Wright / Agnes "Nancy" McMillan.  She daughter of William Downing.  1840, 50, 60 Lincoln. She died 1860.  He m2  Mary Dever, daughter of Amos.  Im. Weakley.  Ten known children by first wife.
 William T Crenshaw
 Esther Wright
 10 May 1842
 He born Warren County, Georgia, son of Paschal Crenshaw / Margaret Springer.  She daughter of Solomon Wright / Anne Moore. 1850 Lincoln.  He died 1852.  She 1860, 70 Lincoln, 1880 Barton, Missouri, but she buried back in Lincoln county, TN.
 William Wright
Elizabeth Mitchell
 7 Jun 1842
 Neither set of parents is known. 1850 Lincoln where they both are stated "born TN".  Four known children.
 George W Clements
 Luvina Wright
 16 Aug 1843
 She daughter of Hollis Wright (d 1850) / Sarah Humphreys.  Nothing more is known about either, except that her father Hollis' will names her then living.