Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr (born 1941)


Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr is a genealogist.  He has a Wikipedia entry at this link.

Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr was born 10 Aug 1941 in Ohio, the son of Prentice Thomas Tinney and his wife Hazel Kathleen Greene.  From his own research, he has traced his ancestry to a royal descent from Edward I, King of England.

Royal Descent

  1. Edward I (born 1239), King of England 1272-1307 (Wikipedia)
  2. Elizabeth of Rhuddlan (1282-1316), Countess of Hereford (Wikipedia)
  3. Margaret de Bohun (1311-1391), Countess of Devon 1340-91 (Wikipedia)
  4. Margaret de Courtenay married John de Cobham, Lord Cobham (The Complete Peerage)
  5. Joan Cobham, only child but d.v.p. about 1488 (The Complete Peerage)
  6. Joan de la Pole (d. 1434), suo jure Baroness Cobham 1408-1434 (The Complete Peerage)
  7. Joanne Braybrook, apparently suo jure Baroness Cobham (The Complete Peerage)
  8. Hugh Brooke, third son (Vis Somerset 1623, "Brooke").  This visitation starts with this Hugh Brooke calling him "third son" but without specifying who his parents were.  A paper submit to the Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society 1898 Vol XLIV... claims that this Hugh from the Visitation was a son of  Joan Braybrook.
  9. Thomas Brooke (Vis Somerset 1623, "Brooke").  This visitation records sons John and William (ob s.p.) but no Thomas.  Although there is a grandson Thomas who married Joan Speke.  The paper cited above, places a Thomas as another son, but on a very weak authority.
  10. John Brooke of Bristol.  John was a sergeant-at-arms under Henry VIII and also a Justice of Assize.  He died in 1522 leaving his eldest son Thomas "age 36" in 1526".  I cannot currently explain why there would be a four-year delay in the IPM.  Perhaps this date is related to some IPM for his mother, not his father.
  11. Lucia Brooke.  The same paper cited above, gives John Brooke and his wife Joan daughter of Richard Amerike (or ap Merick), three sons and a daughter Lucia who married John "Toose", although citing no authority for this statement. (Visitations of Somerset, 1623 "Toose") Stating that Nicholas Toose "son and heir" married Lucia, daughter of "Johannis Brooke of Bristol, servientis ad legem"
  12. John Towse of Swell.  (Visitations of Somerset, "Pyne of Cathanger") "Julian, dau of John Towse of Swell by Agnes Newton".  It's not yet clear that this John Towse should be a son of John Toose by Lucia Brooke above.
  13. Julian Towse.  (Visitations of Somerset, "Pyne of Cathanger") "Julian, dau of John Towse of Swell by Agnes Newton".
  14. George Pyne of Curry Malet. (Visitations of Somerset, "Pyne of Cathanger") "Fourth son, George of Curry Malet + second wife Agnes Kate"
  15. Humphrey Pyne. (Visitations of Somerset, "Pyne of Cathanger") "Third son, Humphrey + unknown wife"
  16. Valentine Pyne of St Leonard Foster 1689; of Bethnall Green 1691. (Visitations of Somerset, "Pyne of Cathanger") "Valentine, son of Humphrey".  It's not yet clear that this should be the same Valentine who was of St Leonard Foster and of Bethnall Green.
  17. Rachel Pyne
  18. John /Hyde/ , wheelwright
  19. Orriminah or Ermina "Miner" /Hyde/
  20. Anna /Compton/
  21. Joanna /Birdcell/
  22. William Alexander /Thompson/
  23. Mary Elizabeth /Thompson/
  24. Hazel Kathleen Greene (1900-77).  By Mr Tinney's research, his parents Hazel and Prentice Tinney were married 14 Mar 1925.  They must have divorced because Prentice T Tinney in 1968 in Los Angeles married next to Mary Muegenburg (or Wright, evidently a widow) born about 1914.  Prentice died 22 Aug 1995 in Sacramento County, California, mother's maiden name Harden (CADI), a resident of the town of Antelope (SSDI).
  25. Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr born 10 Aug 1941 in Ohio