Vector Research VRP-275 Satellite Array Speakers

Vector Research VRP-275 Satellite Array Speakers. What are they? What are they worth?


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This article written by Will Johnson,

Vector Research was a company, based in Chatsworth, California, which sold audio electronics for several years.  The actual units were manufactured in Japan.  James Wong at this link states that they went out of business in the mid-1980s.  But at this link at they state that the VRP-275s were made in 1993.  That last link also states 8" Woofer, 3.5" Cone Mid, 2.5" Cone Tweeter.

I found an old advertisement in Stereo Review 1994 for the VRP-275.  It originally came with a sub-woofer which had an 8" woofer.  And then two satellite.  You can see a snippet of that ad at this link.

There is an old discussion on AudioKarma at this link about the company Vector Research.  And more on the company at this link.