Most Prolific Foundation-l Users

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A list of those users who post the most messages, broken-down by month.


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Recently the suggestion was made that the Foundation-l list has seen a spike in volume, and that that could be attributed to a few prolific users.  This article will examine this theory.

The statistics are at this link showing the number of messages each user has posted to Foundation-l broken-down by month.  But they are sorted in order of the total number of postings by that user over all time.  This Knol will address the questions: A) has the number of postings recently been higher than historically; and B) has any particular user exceeded some threshold vis a vis other users in the past?

From the list as generated Saturday, 7 Nov 2009, we see that so far this month there have been 164 messages.  This seems on-track to generate about 700 messages for the month of November.  Looking at the historical graph, this seems to fall in the middle-range of "number of postings per month" over the past year.  The highest posting month being January 2009 with 1255 postings, the lowest being October with 326.  So from this statistic alone, the number of postings does not seem out of a normal range.

For this first week of November, the users with the highest number of postings to Foundation-l were: wjhonson with 23, Thomas Dalton with 18, Anthony with 14.

For the month of October, the users with the highest number of postings to Foundation-l were: jamesmikedupont with 24, Anthony with 21, Thomas Dalton with 20, Gregory Kohs with 15.

For the month of September, the users with the highest number of postings to Foundation-l were: Thomas Dalton with 62, Anthony with 51, David Gerard with 29, GerardM with 25 and Board with 25.

Those users with the highest number of postings in a single month, in the past two years are: Board with 101 in Dec 07, GerardM with 117 in both Jan 08 and in Apr 08, Thomas Dalton with 123 in Dec 07 and 117 in Jan 08

The Foundation-l list has in the past generated the highest volume of activity in : Mar 08 with 1679 postings and in Apr 08 with 1675.

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