Wikivoices Episode 45

Wikivoices is evidently an independent set of audio interviews between various members of the Wikipedia community. Not an official part of Wikimedia, just a project created by a few Wikipedians.


Wikivoices on Wikipedia

In the thread "Of Wicked Witches and Children's Stories, tools of exploitation and abuse" on Wikipedia Review, in Post #31 dated 1st October 2009, TheKohser asks : "I'd be curious to know why Durova will not release the digital audio file that recorded Episode 45 of the Wikivoices project, hosted on the English Wikipedia. She is one of three people understood to have ever possessed a copy of the file."

Until reading this post I had never heard of WikiVoices at all.

Gregory Kohs helpfully provided a link back to the original thread on this issue here.
The sound file in question is called a : "...a Board of Trustees candidates - Round table interview."  Fairly mundane in that each candidate evidently was asked a series of questions and their responses were taped.  This episode occurred just before the Board elections (sometime in July/Aug 2009 ?) and evidently was designed to be used as part of a process by which voters would choose candidates.

Gregory evidently sees this entire situation as one in which certain powers decided to suppress the episode in order that he would not be elected to the board.  It certainly seems unusual to this reporter that something so simple as an audio file could not simply be released unedited and allow anyone who wants to, to edit it.  It's quite easy to upload such a thing to YouTube.  Gregory in this post blames Promethean at least in part, since he was the one who initially recorded the episode.

And apparently Durova also has or had, a copy of the episode.  This posting, quoting a discussion dated 5 Aug 2009, shows that Durova was in favor of publishing the episode and that Shoemaker's Holiday had a copy of the episode and was supposed to be working on getting it published.

A little over a month later Shoemaker's Holiday posted this statement : "The Board Candidates Skypecast will not be posted, as, it having been dumped on someone who was ill at the time by the person who had agreed to do it, followed by harassment of said ill person by one of the candidates, no one's touching this. [[User:Shoemaker's Holiday|Shoemaker's Holiday]] <sup>'''''Over [[User talk:Shoemaker's Holiday|208]]''' FCs served''</sup> 02:35, 24 September 2009 (UTC)

The issue was posted to the Administrator's Notice board at this link where curiously the claim was made that this is not en business (when it is) and that the file is personal property (when it is clearly not).

Manning Barlett a once-admin (who has since retired) evidently unilaterally, declared that people were forbidden from discussing episode 45 at this link, dated 27 September.

Samuel Klein, a board member then went through and reverted a dozen or so edits that someone (evidently Gregory Kohs) made to try to raise awareness of the issue, with the other people who were apparently involved in the same episode here.  I'm not clear yet if these people were the interviewees or just audience members.

And this situation evidently got Gregory banned again from Wikipedia for "edit-warring" and various types of alleged drama.

The main article has Episode 45 listed, but does not include a date, nor a list of who the participants in that episode were.  Gregory has helpfully sent me this link dated 24 Jul 09, which answers these questions, the Episode was recorded on 24 July 2009.  The board candidates who indicated, at that link, that they would be in the Skpecast were: Steve Smith, Domas Mituzas, Thekohser, Góngora, KevinOKeeffe, B9 hummingbird hovering, sj, and GerardM.  The complete list of candidates for the 2009 Board of Trustees election is at this link, showing that there were eighteen altogether, and the final results were announced at this link.

And speaking of Shoemaker's Holiday, I just found this additional link at Wikipedia Review, dated 20 Nov 2009 but referring back to an AN/I discussion from 30 Oct 2009.  That discussion to my mind is just a tad bit bizarre.  I'm not sure I'm reading it correctly but apparently Shoemaker's Holiday is upset that it's known that he is Adam Cuerden?  If that's really the issue, he'd better inform Google and WikiSynergy since this simple Google search for "Shoemaker's Holiday" Wikipedia makes the connection at entry... four?  I mean that's right on the first page, and it's the simplest search anyone interested in SH is going to make isn't it?