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Those who've made their name notorious in Wikipedia history

Encyclopedia Dramatica is the most sarcastic and lampoonish stab at those people who've made their name notorious in the annals of Wikipedia history. This article is a list of articles at ED on those individuals.


Just the fact that a person has an article on Encyclopedia Dramatica must mean that they've risen to the level of being just annoying enough, that someone has taken the time to write them up.

Warning: Encyclopedia Dramatica, evidently to help support it, places hard and soft-core porn ads on their sidebars, and also I've noticed some pop-ups trying to get through and a few which actually do.  Because they load so many flashing graphics and stuff, I think they tend to slow down my Firefox quite a bit.  So here, for your benefit I'm creating direct links to their articles on Wikipedians so you don't have to use the ED site itself to surf.

Note, some of these articles are semi-factual, in that they lampoon actual events that occurred on Wikipedia.  Some of them appear to be just smutty smears on the people, using faked nonsense.  So you're warned!

Some or perhaps all of these links can be harvested from the ED Category called "Wikis Suck" at this link.  I tried to create a new category at ED called Wikipedians but was denied (!) by some category hater or something.  The stars are at the top of my list here, the "also-rans" way down in a table.  I've added a few of my own comments.

Jimmy Wales
he needs no introduction.  If you don't know who he is, you're on the wrong page.  Wikitruth also has an article on Jimmy.
Larry Sanger
Sanger co-founder of Wikipedia and by the way, he is also the founder of Citizendium which I high-lighted on my article Wiki Obscurity: Wikis Which Failed  He had what he thought was a good idea, but it's simply not what the public wants or needs.  The public is not interested in yet another "online journal" created by eggheads for eggheads.
Rachel Marsden
one-time girlfriend of Jimmy Wales, political commentator and made famous by their flame-filled breakup and subsequent flame-fest.  She is also a Knolian!  And has written an article on Jimmy Wales at this link, evidently with Gregory Kohs.  Obviously after their break-up.
Kelly Martin
I believe Kelly is a former ArbCom member, and now appears regularly at Wikipedia Review.  Wikitruth also has an article on Kelly.
Tony Sidaway
David Gerard
I only know a tiny bit about David from Wikipedia-L where I believe he is an admin.  Wikitruth also has an article on David.
Angela Beesley
I think Angela was once on ArbCom and I believe she left the Wikipedia Foundation and is, or at least was, in charge of the for-profit arm called Wikia. (Some say this isn't an "arm" at all, but they maintain a too-close relationship for most peoples taste.)  Wikitruth also has an article on Angela.
Slim was at one time quite active on the policy pages for Reliable Sources, Verifiability and so on.  That's where I usually encountered her.  There was evidently some great Slimvirgin Scandal back in 2007, but I don't know what that's about. (Was this the Gary Weiss/Mantonmoreland/Patrick Bryne fiasco?)  Wikitruth also has an article on SlimVirgin.
Daniel Brandt
Absolutely rich in amazing and odd details about not only Daniel, but several other Wikipedians.  Daniel, after trying to get his bio removed from Wikipedia several times, created his own site www.wikipedia-watch.org, to investigate the same people he felt had been investigating him.  For better or worse.  He seems to have targeted some people who maybe were stars of the project, but others who obviously weren't.  At any rate his site has now been deleted from Wikipedia, so I re-ported it over here.
Danny (Danny Wool)
Danny Wool wrote a blog here, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.
Wikitruth also has something to say about Danny, but which also touches quite closely on our next guest...
Erik Möller
"I was Chief Research Officer of the Foundation from May to August 2005. I initiated two of Wikimedia's projects, Wikinews and the Wikimedia Commons, and have made vital contributions to both."  Is it just me, or does May to August seem like a very short job?
Another bizarre yet brilliant move on the part of the Foundation.  Hiring a person who claimed to have multiple degrees, only to find out it was all made up.  You would think after this they might institute background checking of some kind.  But no... see next.  Wikitruth also has an article on Essjay.
Carolyn Bothwell Doran
I don't know if Carolyn actually ever edited in Wikipedia.  But she was, for a time the COO of the Foundation and certainly made the news didn't she?  So I think she deserves the mention here.
Investigations that turned out to target people unfairly, and then institute both in-world and (as it turns out) real-world repercussions.  Durova was also quite a bit involved in the entire Matt Sanchez fiasco aka slow train wreck of a porn star turned escort turned marine turned faux journalist. (But of course Elonka and her pet-crat took it and made it into a flaming bonfire of outrageous power abuse.)   Durova's also a regular on Wikipedia Review.
I do remember noticing that Everyking, some years ago, was like... the number one editor in turns of posts or something like that.  I could not understand how someone could make like two hundred thousand edits to Wikipedia... in their entire life.  But I digress.  And then there was that whole Ashlee Simpson thing.  What up?  Everyking edits at WR as this same name, and has recently been asking the 2009 ArbCom candidates to make a pledge that they would re-open his case.
Won both the WikipediaReview WP:DICK of Distinction Award and the Miss Incongeniality Awards  in 2008 Let's see why shall we?  JzG was the subject of a  Request for Arbitration here.  You have to admit that this auto-biography is just the... how shall we say... tiniest bit bizarre.  In case you want proof that Guy has a potty mouth, see these diffs. Naughty naughty.  Recently in Nov 2009, JzG (Guy Chapman) voluntarily gave up his adminship.
Willy on Wheels
A notorious vandal in the early days of Wikipedia (for some reason I don't yet know).  But apparently surpassed now by...
ED says : "is Wikipedia’s foremost page-move vandal..." So I guess he goes up here with the stars.  Confirmed!  See this link.  By the way, the article on Grawp is one of the few ED articles, perhaps the only one which made me... actually... in real life... laugh out loud.  Seriously.  I mean it! See also his evidently alter-ego JarlaxleArtemis.
Wasn't this the whole ganging up on people and forming cliques in IRC and then using those details to effect in-world decisions... fiasco?  I've always thought all the out-world chatter in IRC and on Foundation lists was counter-productive to the project and should simply be shut down.  But hey, I'm a kind of guy who beats the drum for transparency.  Transparency.  Don't make me repeat it a third time.  Are you listening Sue?  Sue?  Sue Gardner?  Transparency anybody?
Giano won the WikipediaReview 2008 Straight Shooter Award
Jayjg was stripped of his powers of oversight, checkuser and access to the functionaries email list.  This was one of the results of the ArbCom Case dated May 2009 over the West Bank, Judea and Samaria.  The committe found that Jayjg engaged in a pattern of "repeated and extensive edit-warring", "conducted himself in a manner unbecoming his position".  He had previous rulings against him in three  ArbCom cases CharlotteWebb, Israeli apartheid, and Yuber.  And finally an edit restriction was placed on him in the ArbCom case HistoryBuffEr and Jayjg.  Then the commitee thanks him for his years of service.  I suppose they mean his years of service at being abusive to other editors from a position of power.
Science Apologist
I seem to recall something on the whole mainline Science versus Homeopathy issue that spilled over into the WP:RSN (reliable sources noticeboard) a few times.  It seemed sort of a slow burn but then there was an entire "Scientists Threaten to Leave Wikipedia" sort-of petition page and discussion, or some batpoop like that and then... an ArbCom.  By that time I had lost interest.

Something there about conspiracy theories and government insiders and admin abuse.... And speaking of Mongo, he is apparently no longer an admin.  There's whispers here and there about the "Mongo ArbCom ruling" but I haven't yet read it.  See next.
If you read closely the details on his talk page at Wikipedia, you may be completely amazed.  Take a look.  Mongo apparently targeted CPlot repeatedly over a non-existent category link?  Is that the pettiest thing you've ever heard in your entire life?  And then JoshuaZ locked his page so he "couldn't use it as a soapbox".  I mean I'm simply amazed.  Simply amazed.
Lol.  This is hilarious.  Jossi retires, giving up his admin bit in Dec 2008 under a cloud.  He has no contributions for six months, and then Viridae blocks him as an abusive sock-puppeteer.  What?  After six months.  Odd.  Anyway.  Jossi was involved as a party in the ArbCom Prem Rawat case. In the ArbCom case on Scientology, something odd seems to have occurred.  Durova names him as a party to the case, he states that he is not, however within the case details, AndroidCat links to two articles written by Cade Metz
And at the end of the case Jossi retires and vanishes!  So evidently he was a party to it... or something.  Well it turns out that Jossi Fresco was a disciple of Prem Rawat and used his power as an admin to exert undue influence over various policies and articles inWiki, especially those related to Prem Rawat.  That's called a Conflict of Interest and is very much frowned upon... officially anyway.

Oh here Cade Metz's seems to explain the bizarre sock-ban, evidently Jossi came back, for a brief time as a user named "Pergamino".

I don't yet know anything about him, but Wikitruth also has an article on him, so he must be important.
Fred Bauder
Since ED reports that Fred is the guy who forked Wikinfo, so he deserves to go up here as a star. Wikinfo is/was a site where you could have multiple articles on the same topic.  One sympathetic, one antagonistic/critical, one neutral, whatever.  One from the viewpoint of a woman or something.  At any rate... it failed.  Here is a link to their recent changes page, as you can see, there's not really anything going on there.
I vaguely remember something about this user, but I can't quite recall what.  I can't recall if I liked him or hated him... but he left some sort of impression, I'll have to think about it.  Some people love their pets, and then some really love them. After a big ruckus, FT2 "voluntarily" gave up his admin, checkuser and oversight privileges.
Gary Weiss
Don't even get me started.  One of the longest, most bizarre, most antagonistic and just... what... whacked-out episodes in the entire history of WildWikiWonderLand.  No one yet has really written an adequate expose of the whole sordid fiasco.  Many of the big wigs and dozens of smaller wigs were involved in it up to their eyebrows.  It's just too complex.  And sequels are still coming out!
Jaranda is running right now for Wikipedia ArbCom 2009.  Apparently on a "try not to remember me" platform.  See my link for more details.
Professor Tim Pierce
Walton One

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