Wikipedia ArbCom Case Index

Index of all Arbitration Committee decisions

Wikipedia ArcCom Case Index includes the dates, involved parties and final decisions.


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What I intend to do as I find time, is to go through the log and post the month and year (as headings), the title of each case as a link to the involved parties list and a summary of the most important aspects of the final decision.

Oct 2009
Three cases, one dismissed without action.
Speed of light
  • Brews ohare (talk · contribs) warned for conduct, placed under a general probation for one year;
  • David Tombe (talk · contribs) warned for conduct, placed under probation;
  • Both Brews ohare and David Tombe are banned from all physics-related pages and topics, broadly construed, for twelve months.

Lapsed Pacifist 2


Sep 2009
Two cases
Abd-William M. Connolley
  • cold fusion article, under discretionary sanctions.
  • Abd banned for three months, and for one year from the cold fusion article. Abd prohibited from participating in discussions about disputes in which he is not one of the originating parties.
  • William M. Connolley administrator rights revoked.
  • The community is urged to engage in a policy discussion and clarify under what circumstances, if any, an administrator may issue topic or page bans without seeking consensus for them, and how such bans may be appealed. This discussion should come to a consensus within one month of this notice.


Aug 2009
no cases (jump link does not work to show this clearly)

Jul 2009
Three cases
  • Scuro was at first edit-restricted, but later on 9 Nov Scuro was topic banned from all pages, topics, and discussions related to attention-deficit hyperactivity, broadly defined, for twelve months.  Scuro was also directed to choose a mentor within one month or the committee would appoint one. 
  • Jmh649 is subject to an editing restriction for six months.

A Man In Black

  • Mattisse is given 15 days to select a mentor, and develop a plan for how to proceed in a constructive manner. (See User:Mattisse/Plan)