Achim Koerver on Wikipedia

A Review of his treatment


As I was writing up my article on the ArbCom 2009 Candidates, I stumbled across a conflict in-motion, so I thought I would look into it a bit deeper to see if my suspicions on this case were or were not justified.  I had used this case to highlight a potential issue with candidate MBK004, but I would like to be just in my call, and so here I present a more in-depth view.

The entire contribution list of AchimKoerver is at the below link

From that link we can see that AchimKoerver started contributing to Wikipedia on 29 Oct 2009, with a seemingly strict focus on German submarines of World War I.  His very first edit was to add a link to the article on Room 40 linking to a website with "Some original documents from Room 40".  The website he linked is maintained by "Hans Joachim Koerver" which is probably this same contributor.  Most of the links on that website's homepage are internal links, but a few point to Amazon books.  His changes to that page are still intact as of today (7 Dec 2009).

His next edit was to the article SM U-92.  After many edits, with only a few minor fixes by others, MBK004 appeared at this point, to tag the article with a few miscellaneous cleanup tags.  A few days later Nick appears, to remove embedded comments which had suggested that this article is a direct-quote of some underlying citation.  His changes to that page are still intact as of today (7 Dec 2009).

His next significant edits were to the article SM U-54, SM U-55, SM U-56, SM U-57, SM U-58, SM U-59, SM U-60, SM U-61, SM U-62, SM U-63 all of which seem without conflict.  Finally on SM U-64 we find a conflict, which is actually rather a humorous one here.  Achim had reverted some sort of introductory paragraph material, and then MBK004 reverted back to a version which actually included embedded by Achim which Nick had thought (on another page were WP:OWNish).

Achim next created the page for SM U-65, a conflict develops laters on after Achim reverts date-alterations, and appears to me to be fixing his own cited text.  MBK004 reverts Achim entirely, but then Trekphiler actually restores Achim's version.

On the article SM U-72, MBK004 again reverts Achim, after Achim had reverted Trekphiler.  However Achim had also inserted bullet-points, and enquoted the entire section.  MBK004's blind revert had the effect of nullifying those, to me, advantageous changes as well.  Same issue on SM U-73, SM U-74, SM U-75, SM U-76, SM U-77, SM U-78, SM U-79, SM U-80.  In each case, it appears to me either that Achim didn't want the introductory paragraphs, or simply cut-and-pasted some mark-up he had elsewhere over the top of the article.  But in all the cases, the blind-revert by MBK004 also had the effect of disenquoting and debulleting.  Around SM U-85 or so, MBK004 stopped reverting the changes.