Charles Constantine of Vienne


Flodoard (894-966) wrote a work called his "Annals" year-by-year from 919 to 966 and so represents a contemporary source for this period, about the people he mentions therein.

The Annals were edited by Philippe Lauer (ed.), Les Annales de Flodoard. Collection des textes pour servir à l'étude et à l'enseignement de l'histoire 39. Paris: Picard, 1905, this being the edition whose images appear below.

"Annales de Flodoard", 951, page 129 :

My transcription of this is: "Ludovicus rex Aquitaniam cum exercitu petiit sed antequam eandem ingrederetur provinciam, Karlus Constantinus, Viennae princeps, et Stephanus Arvernorum praesul ad eum venientes, sui efficiuntur".  There is a fascinating Latin-to-English translator at this link which actually shows the various meanings of each word and the underlying bones of its Natural Language Processing code.  (You must manually chose CTCWeb as the translator, then after it works, you must click on the arrow next to its name, for the results to show up.)

Footnote 3:

"Les annales de Flodoard", "Appendices, 951", page 218  "...Karolus Constantinus Viennae princeps...." (Charles Constantine, Prince of Vienne)