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Table of Contents to the early Anglo-Saxon Charters available at Anglo-Saxons.net


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This article is a partial Table of Contents to the early Anglo-Saxon Charters available on Anglo-Saxons.net.  This is not a complete list, just a few of the charters I was interested in keeping in a sort-of quick link.

After being frustrated trying to use the search engine on Anglo-Saxons.net, I decided to create my own table of contents to those early charters.  Note the form of the URL for S 320: http://www.anglo-saxons.net/hwaet/?do=seek&query=S+320 which will tell you how to manually form URLs for any other charter you wish to find.  The ability to search by name or king doesn't seem to work, I tried it for some of the people below and got nothing.

S 320 Æthelwulf, king of Wessex, Kent, to Malmesbury Abbey. Signatories: Athelwlfus rex; Ceolnadus archiepiscopus; Athelstan rex Cantuariorum; Eaþun episcopus; Wallað dux; Eanwlf dux; Wlwahrd dux; Athelwlf dux; Hereberht dux; Ealstan dux.  Notes: Athelstan, is Aethelwulf's eldest son, who here is already being called "King" of Kent.

S 327 Æthelberht, king of Wessex and Kent, to Wærmund, bishop. Signatories: Aeðelbearht rex; Ciolnoð archiepiscopus; Ealhstan episcopus; Swiðhun episcopus; Guðheard episcopus; Dioruulf episcopus; . . . ulf; Eanuulf dux; Oric dux; Uulfhere dux; Aeðæluulf dux; Humbearht dux; Uullaf dux; Aldred dux; Æðælred dux; Dryhtwald dux; Biorhtuulf dux; Æðelred filii regis; Ælfræd filii regis; Uullaf abbas; Uuerferð abbas; Uulfhelm presbyter; Uuerenberht minister; Ciolmund minister. Notes: The Aethelred and Aelfraed here are Aethelberht's next two younger brothers, who would follow him, in succession as Kings, but here just called "brother of the king".

S 340 Æthelred, king of Wessex, to Hunsige, his minister. Signatories: Æðelred Rex; Alhferð episcopus;  Heahmunð episcopus; Ælfred filius Regis; Oswald filius Regis; Wulfðryd Regina; Wulfhere Dux; Eadwulf Dux; Wigstan Dux; Mucel Dux; Ælfstan Dux; Ægbreht minister; Beorhtmund minister; Milred minister;  Æðelstan minister; Mucel minister; Kynelaf minister; Æðelheah minister; Forðred minister; Beorhtnoð minister;  Goda minister; Æðelreð minister; Torhtred minister; Mannel minister. Notes: Aethelred has now become king of Wessex, succeeding his brothers Aethelbald, and Aethelbert.  Alfred who will become king next, is shown just as "brother of the King", and we also see Oswald the next brother, who must then be the youngest. Wulforyd here must be the wife of Aethelred, here she is called "Queen". Wulfhere comes immediately after her, and perhaps would be her brother or father even.

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