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(cHdc) There is a subdirectory on YouTube called Movies, where you can watch dozens of full-length movies, provided you sit through a few minutes of commercials. It's a fair trade-off. But they set-up a raaaaaally stupid browser/directory structure that is just... pointless. So we're going to bypass it. The category labels used below, are the ones assigned by YouTube / Movies, as you can see they for some odd reason assign categories to movies which they don't fit.


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 Movie Categories
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 Animation    Classics  Comedy
       Science Fiction  

 The Adventures of Galgameth  The Adventures Of Tartu  Amar Akbar Anthony  American Dragons
 Angel of Death
 Assassin's Creed Lineage
 Avenging Angelo
 Bail Out  Bangkok Dangerous  THE BARBARIANS
 Battle of Midway  Beat the Devil  Beyond Justice  Black Sabbath
 Black Sunday  Bloody Friday  Bloody Mallory  Bloody Wednesday
 Body Slam  Border Cop  Born to Be Sold  Born to Win
 Bounty Man  The Boxer  Boy in the Plastic Bubble  Brave Lion
 Bruce Lee In New Guinea  Bruce Lee the Invincible  Captain Kidd  Captain Scarlett
 Caught Up  CB Hustlers  Cell - Full Dose  Chase Step by Step
 Cheerleader Ninjas  The Children  Children of the Night  China 9 Liberty 37
 Cold Blood  Cold Sweat  Concrete Cowboys  Confessions of a Police Cap...
 The Conquest of Everest  Corrupt  Crime Boss  Cry Sea
 D.O.A.  Deadly Harvest  Deadly Snail vs Kung Fu Killer  Death Duel of Kung Fu
 Death Machines  The Death of Richie  The Devil's Cavaliers (1959)  Dick Tracy Detective
 Dick Tracy's Dilemma  THE DYNAMITE BROTHERS
 The Eagle's Killer  Emperor
 Escape From Sobibor  Escape from Sobibor (1987)  Evel Knievel  Family Enforcer
 Fighting Mad (1976) "Death...
 Fighting Rats of Tobruk

Fool N Final
 Four Shaolin Challengers  Frankenstein '80  Freakmaker  Frightmare
 Full Contact  Funeral for an Assassin  Futuresport  Gamebox 1.0
 Get Christie Love  GODFATHER OF CRIME
 Gone With the West  Hands of Death
 Harold Buttleman, Daredevil...  Hercules  Hercules Against the Moonmen
 Hercules In New York  Hercules Unchained  Hero of the Wild  Heroes of Shaolin
 High Frontier  Hijack  Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil  Hot Boyz
 The Hunt For Gollum  Hustling
 Image of Bruce Lee  Interceptor  Into the Sun  Jailbait
 Katherine  Keystone Cops Festival  Kickboxer 3
 Killing Cars  Killing Zoe  Kung Fu Arts Kung Fu Punch of Death
 The Last of the Mohicans  The Last Warrior  Lost Kung Fu Secrets  Love & a .45
 The Lucifer Complex  Magic Voyage Of Sinbad  Magnificent Fists  Mama Dracula
 Mandinga  McLintock !  MEAN MOTHER
 The Mini-skirt Mob  Mirror Wars: Reflection One  MISSION TO DEATH
 The Mod Squad
 Moonfire  My War, My Story  Ninja Champion  Ninja Death 1
 One Eyed Jacks The Over the Hill Gang  The Over the Hill Gang Ride...
 Pigs!  Point Blank  Project: Kill  QUEEN OF SHEBA
 The Raiders of Leyte Gulf
 The Real Bruce Lee
 Rebirth Of Mothra II  Rescue From Gilligan's Island  Return of the Kung Fu Dragon  Return of the Tiger
 Returner  Rewind America  Running Free  Santa Fe Trail
 Savage Man Savage Beast  Savage Sisters  Shaka Zulu
 Shaolin Deadly Kicks  Shaolin Temple  She Gods of Shark Reef  Sherlock Holmes and the Sec...
 Silver Hawk  Slashed Dreams  THE SMILING MANIACS
 The Snake,The Tiger ...
 Snow Walker - Feature Film  Spartacus and the Ten Gladi...  Speed and Angels  Speed Racer: The Movie
 Speedtrap  Spirits of Bruce Lee  The Squeeze  Steel Dawn
 The Stranger  Street Fighter  Stunts  SUBMARINE ATTACK
 Submarine X-1  The Substitute 2  The Swap  The Swiss Conspiracy
 Target of an Assassin  Ten Fingers of Death  Texas To Bataan (1942)
 Thief of Bagdad  Three Tough Guys  Tiger Love  Top Dog
 The Torch (1950)  Trained to Kill USA  Tuareg: Desert Warrior  Two Days in April - Part 1
 Two Days in April - Part 2  Two Tigers  Vexille: 2077 Isolation of..
 Vice Squad
 The Violent Professionals  Warhead (1977)  The Water's Edge  Waterfront
 We Are The Strange  With The Marines at Tarawa  Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl  $ (Dollars)
 90 Millas      

American Pop Animal Farm Archon Defender Assassin's Creed Lineage The Bear Who Slept Through
 The Great Bear Scare  Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie  Manga Mad  The Miracle Maker  Speed Racer: The Movie
 Vexille: 2077 Isolation of  We Are The Strange  You Only Live Twice  

A Farewell to Arms A Star is Born (1937)
The Adventures Of Tartu Battle of Midway Being Lincoln: Men With Hats
Buffalo Bill and the Indian Captain Scarlett Cracker Crazy: The Invisibl... The Devil's Cavaliers (1959) Fighting Rats of Tobruk
Frankenstein's Castle of Fr... The General Hell in Normandy (1968) His Girl Friday Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Jungle Book Keystone Cops Festival The Last Time I Saw Paris The Life of Jesus, Part 1 The Life of Jesus, Part 2
The Life of Jesus, Part 3 Little Ditch: The Black Riv... Meet John Doe The Memphis Belle: A Story ... Rewind America
Santa Fe Trail Scrooge Sherlock Holmes and the Sec... Shirley Temple Festival Steamboat Bill, Jr.
Texas To Bataan (1942) This is the Army Utopia Waterfront With The Marines at Tarawa

 A Modern Affair  According To Spencer  Africa Screams  Alex Reymundo: One Funny Hi...  All The Way
 American Virgin  Andaz Apna Apna - Movie wit...  At War With the Army  Bad Girls From Mars  Bandwagon
 Bass Ackwards  Bawarchi  Beat the Devil  Bedford Springs  Being Lincoln: Men With Hats
 The Best of Abbott and Cost...  The Best of the Three Stooges  The Best of W.C. Fields  Beverly Hills Vamp  Beware The Blob
 Blue Juice  Cash Crop  Casino Royale (1967)  CB Hustlers  CHAPLIN'S ART OF COMEDY - F...
 Cheerleader Ninjas  Cheerleader's Beach Party  Chicken Chronicles  Crimes Of The Heart  Cutter
 The Daytrippers  Dhamaal  Doom Generation  Dry Town  Easy
 Eegah!  Everybody Loves The Tinklers  Everybody's Doing It  The Fall Guy  Fame Whore
 Fast Sofa  The Fat Spy  The Film Crew: Giant of Mar...  The Film Crew: Hollywood Af... The Film Crew: Killers From...
 The Film Crew: Wild Women o...  Fired!  Fit For A King  Freedom State  Game 6
 The General  The Godson  Going Overboard  Gone With the West  Guess What We Learned in Sc...
 Harley-Davidson: The Spirit...  Harold Buttleman, Daredevil...  Hera Pheri  Hercules In New York  Hercules Unchained
 High School High  Hip Hop Life  Hittin' It!  Hollywood Shuffle  The Hollywood Sign
 I Always Do My Collars First  I Got Five On It  Inspector Clouseau  Intimate Affairs
 Jersey Girl  Katt Williams Presents: Kat...  Keystone Cops Festival  Kids in America  The Kingston High
 Kiss The Bride  The Last of the Mohicans  Latin Divas Of Comedy  Les Bronzes  Les Soeurs Fachees
 Love and Support  Love Sex Etc...  Loving and Cheating  The Man Who Knew Bush  McLintock !
 Meet the Mobsters  Men Seeking Women  Men With Brooms  Millions
 Mojave Moon  MoNique: I Coulda Been Your...  Monster Island - Feature Film  Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles...  Muerto De Pena
 Mumbai Salsa  My Five Wives  My Teacher's Wife  National Lampoon Presents C...  National Lampoon: Internati...
 Nauker - Movie with English...  One Too Many Mornings  Only You  The Over the Hill Gang  The Over the Hill Gang Ride...
 Pablo Francisco: Bits & Pie...  Parents  Paul Mooney's Analyzing Whi...  The Payaso Comedy Slam  Peroxide Passion
 Phat Beach  The Pied Piper of Hutzovina  The Rage in Placid Lake  Raja Babu - Movie with Engl...  The Real Bruce Lee
 Rescue From Gilligan's Island  Rock My World  Salome's Last Dance  Santa Claus Conquers the Ma...
 School Daze  Scrambled Beer  Scumrock  Sex Sells  Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
 Shirley Temple Festival  The Silencers  Slacker  Sleeping Dogs Lie - Feature...  Sleepwalk
 Smallest Show on Earth  Speaking Of Sex  Speedtrap  St. Elmo's Fire  Steamboat Bill, Jr.
 The Stranger  Stunts  Suits  Surf School  The Survivors
 Tail Lights Fade  The Three Stooges In Orbit  Tiptoes  Top Dog  The Torch (1950)
 Totally Baked  The Treatment  Triggermen  Twister  TWO NIGHTS WITH CLEOPATRA -...
 Undiscovered  Utopia  Wagons East  Whirly Girl  Who's Your Daddy?
 Wilby Wonderful  Winter Break  Wooly Boys  Zach Galifianakis: Live At ...  100 Girls
 100 Women  30 Days Until I'm Famous      

 Attack of the Giant Leeches  Bad Girls From Mars  The Behavior Business  Birthright
 Bloodlust  Brain That Wouldn't Die, The  Bucket of Blood, A  Carnage
 Class Reunion Massacre  Count Dracula and His Vampi...  Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 ...  Dementia 13
 Demon Witch Child  Destination Moon  Don't Look in the Basement  Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon
 Dr. Who And The Daleks  Driller Killer  Drive-in Massacre  Evil Alien Conquerors - Fea...
 Futuresport  Gamebox 1.0  Ghost Galleon  Giant Gila Monster
 Ginger in the Morning  Hercules Against the Moonmen  Hideous Sun Demon  High Frontier
 The Hitch-hiker  House on Haunted Hill  The Hunt For Gollum  Hustling
 Invasion of the Bee Girls  Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale  The Killing Kind  Last Woman on Earth
 Legacy of Blood  Legend of Bigfoot  Little Shop of Horrors  The Lucifer Complex
 The Malaria Parasites  Maniac  Messing With Heads  Monster Island - Feature Film
 Night Train to Terror  People From Space  Project: Kill  Revolt of the Zombies
 The Sadist  Santa Claus Conquers the Ma... Satan's School for Girls  Savage Weekend
 Scream Bloody Murder  Screaming Skull  She Gods of Shark Reef  Silent Night Bloody Night
 Sisters of Death  Slave of the Cannibal God  Snake People  Spartacus and the Ten Gladi...
 Steel Dawn  The Stockholm Solution  Stranger From Venus  Sweet Misery
 The Swiss Conspiracy  Teenage Zombies  The Terror  Terror Creatures From the G...
 Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism  UFO: Target Earth  Vampire's Night Orgy  The Velvet Vampire
 Vengeance of the Zombies  Vexille: 2077 Isolation of ..  Wasp Woman  White Mischief