Descendants of Edward I, King of England

by, Professional Genealogist

This article outlines the descendants of Edward I, King of England.


Edward was born 17 Jun 1239 in Westminster Palace, London, the third son of  Henry III, King of England, by his wife Eleanore of Provence.  On 18 Oct 1254, Edward married Eleanor of Castile, daughter of Ferdinand III, who had been King of Castile (but was then deceased), by his second wife Jeanne of Dammartin, Countess of Ponthieu.

By this wife, Edward had eighteen children, although seven of those died as infants, probably less than one year old.  In addition five more died in their childhood.  Eleanor died in childbirth on 24 Nov 1290 at Harby Manor, Herdeby near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.  She is buried at Westminster Abbey, London, England.

As his second wife, Edward married on 8 Sep 1299, in Canterbury Cathedral, Marguerite of France, the daughter of the deceased Philip III, King of France, by his second wife Mary of Brabant.  By her, Edward had three more children, although his youngest child died as an infant.

Edward died 7 Jul 1307 at Burgh-on-the-Sands, near Carlisle, Cumberland, England.  He is buried at Westminster Abbey in London.  Marguerite died 14 Feb 1317 at Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, England and is buried at Grey Friars Church, London, England.

So altogether, Edward had eight children (out of twenty-one) who survived to adulthood, and I list them in birth order:
  1. Eleanor of England, born Abt 18 Jun 1269, married first Alphonso III, King of Aragon who died in 1291.  She then married in 1293 Henry III, Count of Bar and had two children Jeanne and Edward.  Eleanor died 29 Aug 1298 in Ghent, Flanders.
  2. Joan of Acre, born 1272 at Acre in the Holy Land (later Palestine, today Israel).  She married first Gilbert de Clare, as his second wife.  They had four children : Gilbert, Alianor, Margaret and Elizabeth.  Gilbert died in 1295, and she married second, as his first wife to Ralph de Monthermer, who was later Earl of Atholl and Gloucester and Baron Monthermer.  They had three children :Thomas, Edward, and a stillborn.
  3. Margaret of England born 11 Sep 1275 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England.  She married in 1290 John II, Duke of Brabant, and they had a son John.  Her husband John died in 1312, Margaret was living 11 Mar 1333, but her death date is not known to me.
  4. Mary of England was born 11 Mar 1278 at Woodstock.  She became a nun and died 29 May 1332.  She is buried at the Benedict convent in Amesbury.
  5. Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, Countess of Hereford was born 7 Aug 1282 at Rhuddlan Castle in Wales (now part of England).  In 1297, as her first husband, she married John I, then Count of Holland.  He died two years later of dysentery, and without children.  She then married in 1302 Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex.  They had eleven children, three died as infants.  Of the remaining eight, five married.
  6. Edward, who succeeded his father as Edward II King of England, was born 25 Apr 1284 at Caernarvon Castle, Caernarvonshire, Wales (now part of England).  In 1308 he married Isabella "the Fair" of France, daughter of Philip IV, King of France, by his wife Joan who in her own right had been Queen of Navarre, but was then deceased.  Edward and Isabella had four children : Edward, John, Eleanor and Joan.  Edward raised his childhood friend and probably lover, Piers Gaveston from a lowly position to several lofty titles and offices.  This presumption agitated the barons, and the loss of affection provoked his wife Isabella to form a compact whereby Edward was seized and murdered in 1327 at Berkeley Castle.  Isabella then married her lover Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March.  They reigned somewhat as a caretaker government for the minor child Edward.  When the child Edward turned eighteen, he took the government into his own hands, had Roger hanged, and consigned his mother to a nunnery.
  7. Thomas of Brotherton, later Earl of Norfolk, was born 1 Jun 1300 at Brotherton, Yorkshire, England.  About 1316 he married Alice Hayles, daughter of Sir Roger Hayles of Harwich.  They had three children: Edward, Margaret, and Alice.  He married Mary de Ros of Bramley, daughter of Robert, 1st Baron Ros of Belvoir, but by her had no children.  He also married Mary de Ros, daughter of William, Lord Ros, but by her had no children either.
  8. Edmund, later Earl of Kent, was born 5 Aug 1301at Woodstock Palace, Eton, England.  He married Dec 1325 to Margaret Liddell, in her own right Baroness Wake, after brother Thomas died in May 1349.  They had three children: Edmund, Joan and John, but only Joan married.  Margaret only enjoyed her barony for a few months before she too died in 1349 in Sep.


Three Generation Descendant List

1  Edward I 'Longshanks'
King of England 1272-1307
  b. 17 Jun 1239 d. 7 Jul 1307