Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, was a genealogy and heraldry periodical started in 1866 by Dr Joseph Jackson Howard, who edited it from that date until his death in 1902. It was continued in editorship by W Bruce Bannerman until 1915, and then by A W Hughes-Clarke until 1938, when the periodical died.


Some of the details below were supplied by John Higgins.

The original, unnumbered series had two volumes published between 1868 and 1874. The "New Series" consisted of four volumes, the "Second Series" consisted of five more volumes, the "Third Series" of another five published from 1896 to 1904, the "Fourth Series" of another five published from 1906 to 1914 and finally the "Fifth Series" of ten more volumes published from 1916 to 1938.

Some of these works are beginning to show up online.  The Sutro Library in San Francisco has a complete set on microfiche.

Vol I, New Series (1874)
Vol II, New Series (1876)
Vol III, New Series (1880)
Vol IV, New Series (1884)

Vol I, Second Series (1886)
Vol II, Second Series (1888)
Vol III, Second Series (1890)
Vol IV, Second Series (1892)
Vol V, Second Series (1894)

Vol I, Third Series(1896)
Vol II, Third Series (1898)
Vol III, Third Series (1900)
Vol IV, Third Series (1902)
Vol V, Third Series (1904)

Vol I, Fourth Series (1906)
Vol II, Fourth Series (1908)