What is it all about? is a website that sells research services for exploring your family tree. The website creates unique genealogical, biographical and historical content to drive views to the site, and then to offer services to readers for similar service pertaining to their own research.


The CountyHistorian website is found at  The welcome page there, is merely a jumppage to the underlying database which was built (using the WikiMedia software) at:
The most useful link for the genealogist, off that Main Page will be the
Sources page at
which lists a hundred or so links to those resources online that I've found to be the most helpful in my genealogical research.
The most useful link for the casual reader, off that Main page will be the
listing of pages in order of popularity at
That popularpages link, shows you those articles I've written, which have generated the most page views since written.  Of course newer articles will have fewer views, but over time if they prove popular, they will gradually percolate to the top of the list.
Some of the articles I've written, have surprised me in terms of how popular they eventually became.  I write as my interest is heightened in something, without regard for the underlying cultural popularity of a subject.  Sometimes, an article fails to generate the level of hits I expect, for example Bill Clinton (which is only number fifteen) or Barack Obama (which is number sixty-four)!  While other articles surprised me, for example my article on Bessie Wallis Warfield (which is number seven).  You would think, by now, a person like Wallis "Mrs Simpson" would have been forgotten, but evidently she still generates a considerable amount of interest, probably mostly among the British I would assume.
My impression is that quite possibly, the level of hits is related, not necessarily directly to the underlying cultural popularity of the subject, but rather to whether or not my article presents information that is unique.

So, if I write about Barack and just say the same things that a thousand other pages say, my page won't rank highly in the Google rankings and so no one will find it, because they won't ever get to page 15 of the Google hits.  But if I say something unique like that Shirley Temple's uncle once did time in San Quentin, or that Henry Fonda's second wife (the mother of Jane and Peter) was a millionaire, than maybe my article will land on Google's first page of hits.

In fact, right now a Google search for "Henry Jaynes Fonda" shows my page at the very first hit, even beating Wikipedia.  And I know nothing whatsoever special, about pushing my page up Google rankings.  So that proves that even an idiot, like myself, can do it, even if accidentally.  I wonder what the so-called SEO experts think about that?