How To Make Money Online, Chapter Five

Instructions and Discussion

This new knol will discuss how to make money in various ways online, with instructions.


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Written by Will Johnson,  Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved

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Please read what I have so far, but also check back in a few days.

N1 Don't have website, but do have product

There are a few website hosting services which will allow you to build your site for free.  One that I've used quite a bit is the freespace at Rootsweb (now part of Ancestry).  However any kind of product or service you want to promote or sell there, must be directly related to genealogy in some way.

Two other website hosting services which I like so far are and PBWiki.  Both sites are free, at least initially for small development, and both sites have a kind of what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, although the two page editors are not identical. PBWiki has just introduced a way to add a "page view" widget which is super.  Up to now I've had to insert my own view counter, built with StatCounter.  Both of these free sites, like most free sites, have restrictions on what sort of coding you can put up.  PBWiki however does allow Javascript, but they seem to have a problem with forms. seems to not like Javascript, but they will allow you to post up a Google gadget.  And also you can, quite easily insert Adsense ads directly into your content.  I LOVE THAT.

I was all prepared today, to tell you how to build a setup for a product with electronic delivery, but then Google did something fishy.  Yesterday (9 Feb 2010) I had setup a BuyNow button through Google Checkout and loaded that into a page.  The BuyNow button had embedded in it, instructions for how to pay for and then view a password-protected page somewhere else.  Yesterday it worked just fine through, from my desktop computer in my office.  Today, when I tried it from my laptop, I got an odd message about how it could not display the content in a frame.  (I'm not using frames as far as I know!)  And found some site claiming that Google's BuyNow buttons won't work on  Which is wrong of course, because I just tried it again and they do work.  Half of the time...  So now I have to figure out why.

N3 Don't have website, don't want product or service

Your writing here at Knol can also be a part of one of these systems, called Adsense from Google.  In your Preferences settings here at Knol, I believe you can set that you want to use Adsense.  What will occur, after some delay, possibly two weeks, is that ads will start appearing in the right side-bar of your knols, toward the bottom, that are supposed to be based on the Knol contents.  Loosely.  Sometimes it's not very bright about exactly what you're writing about.  Sometimes the ad placement is actually a bit humorous.  At any rate, you'll start making a few pennies a day possibly.  I believe you make more, if people actually buy something.  But you should make a tiny amount, just from the ad displaying at all.

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