Franklin County, Arkansas 1845 Tax Record

Between the census years, the tax records are sometimes our only evidence that a person lived in a certain area. I have extracted the tax record for Franklin County, Arkansas from 1845 and reproduce the names listed there, in this article.


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For Franklin County, Arkansas the following tax years exist:
1845, 1846, 1849, 1852, 1854, 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1860, 1861, 1866, 1867

This article is only the
1845 Tax Record for Franklin County, Arkansas
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I reproduce here the names only. Please contact me if you wish to purchase the complete extract of a person for a small fee.

The 1845 Tax record has these columns: Original Owner of Land Taxed, Present owner of all property taxed, Poll Tax, 1/4 or 1/2 1/4 section, 1/4 or 1/2 of section, Section, Township, Range, Acres, Value of land, year taxable, number of lots value of town lot, Number of slaves over 8 and under 60, value of slaves, number of sawmills, value of sawmills, number of tanyards, value of tanyards, number of distillaries, value of distillaries, household furniture of $400, number of pleasure carriages, value of pleasure carriages, number of horses and mares over 3 years old, value of horses and mares, number of mules over 2 years old, value of mules, number of jacks and jinnies over over 2 years old, value of jacks and jinnies, number of cattle over 3 years old, value of cattle, capital in merchandise, money lent on interest, capital in steam boats, total value of taxable property, State Tax, County Tax

And now here is the list of names. Residents first, followed at the very end by the non-residents

H C Addams, Jonas Anderson, Joseph Ashing, Thomas Aldridge, John Addams, R D Alston, D B Alston, Pleasant Barnard, William Barnard, Hirum Bowen, Jesse Blackwell, G W Barham, John Barham, Emily Bishop, D W Bunch, Thomas Butler, John Brooks, John Barnard, Burl Barnard, Justin Beneux, Tabitha Burton for Jesse Burton, Albert Barnard, Caleb Barnard, Anthony Brown, Levi Barnard, James Britain, John Barnard Jr, William Berry Jr, William Berry Sr, Thomas Berry, Carrol Barnard, Melton Braley, E B Braley, A M Beasley, John Blackwell, John H Blackwell, James Boran, James Blackwell, John Bearding, Thomas Booth, Loony A Booth, Elizabeth Bryant, William Brooks, Henderson Bourland, Alexander Barnhill, J G Barclift, Abner Besse, John Bennett, Henry Baker, Redman Boyd, D L Bourland, D L Bourland for Rial Bryant deceased, D L Bourland for J B Bourland, J M Christain, Joseph R Cotten, Isom Cotten, William Campbell, James Crewson, Robert Counts, James H Cotten, James Campbell, Timothy Cude, Green Cagell, Johnson Campbell, John S Clark, William A Crawford, Samuel Cravins, Dexter Cornwell, John Carpinter, Temple Carpinter, Owen Carpinter, Martin Carpinter, Paterson Carpinter, Robert Caulk, John H Crobar, Nancy Caulk, Richard Cole, Ephraim Copeland, William Cureton, Pleasant Clark, Samuel Clark, William Cates, Ezra Cates, Thomas Carrol, Henry Covert, E B Crider, John Cargillm John Christy, John Covert, Littleton Chappel, Anderson Claxton, J B Covert, G W Care, G P Christain, W H Crosby, W B Crook, John M Council, W W Collins, A G Dorsey, Joseph Dunn, John M Dozier, T M Dorris, T J Davis, Francis Dunn, Sebourn Davis, Edward Davis, R P Dozier, William Dozier, Thomas Dunn, Isaac Dunn, Levi Dalton, Thomas H Dawson, Isaac Daniels, Noah Davis, J M Dougley, Creed Degraffenreid, F M Degraffenreid, J R Degraffenreid, John Eppler, G H English, Henry Eichinbury, Ortham Estes, William G Eston, Elijah Edwards, Jonathan Eppler, George Eppler, M B Eppler, Thomas Edmondson, John Estill, Samuel Evans, David Edwards, John F Farmer, Jeremiah Fielding, Janies Fulton, David Fort, Spear Fort, William Fort, John G Fort, Mason Flowers, Wiatt Flowers, Joshua Fisher

John Gabrial, Joseph Goodman, Stephen Gauge, James Gilbreath JR, James Gilbreath for Charles Whitson deceased, Caleb Gibson, John Gray, John Graham, James Graham, James Guley, George Grounds, James M Graham, Isaac Grason, Alexander Gilbreath, Hirum Gillium, James Garrett, S J Girganess, Abraham Gish, George Greer, Nelson Guthrey, John Grider, Jeremiah Gauge, James Huston, F A Hamilton, John Hardon, Isaac Harper, William Hamm, Thomas Hamblin, John Haynes, Robert Hodges, Pleasant Hooper, George Horner, George Hucherson, William A Hill, S M Huggins, John Hamm, William C Harper, Douglas Hendrix, M C Howard, David Hibs, Lewis Hawkins, Thomas Honea, John Honea, John Huggins, Marcus Hogan, John Hawkins, Samuel Hixson, William Hicklin, George Hicklin, J M Hunter, Samuel Hodges, John Hunter, Sherd Hunter, William Hunter, Luke Huggins, William Hicks, Moses Hughes, Hirum Hidson, Sarah Hail, David Hail, Elijah Hail, J F Horen, S Holt, B Harris, W F Harris, S M Huggins, John Hamm, James Hamm, Uriah Hess, Cravin Hamm, William Helms, A F Hampton, Tarpley Harman, William Hail, N S Hinton, J R Hinton, J M Hughes, Robert Hill, James Ivey, C B Ivey, Russell H Johnson, W H Johns, W R James, William A Josias, John E Jinkins, Gabrial Johnson, William Johnson, William G Jinkins, William James, Benjamin Johnson, S W Jester, William A Jurdon, Jefferson Jackson, Isaac Kersey, Joseph Kimberlin, C R Kellum, D H Karns, J L E Karns, Robarts Kannadey, Nathan Kannadey, Tobias Kannadey, Vinson Likens, Jhon Lersley, Thomas Lane, Eli Littleton, Eli Lamberry, James Lockbur, Rich Lunaster, E R Lambert, William H Lambert, B E Ledbetter, A Ledgerwood, Benjamin Lynch, M C Ledgerwood, David Ledgerwood, Benjamin Looney, Rowland Land, Joseph Lane, William Lesressle [hard to make out], J T Mileham, J H McCarty, Thomas McFeran, Robert Moffet Sr, Edward McColester, E S Mileum, S U Melton, Larkin Morphis, J A McKinney, Robert McElroy, Isaac Mitchel, J A Mileham, John McElroy, W H McElhaney, Charles Marshel, George Mitchell, Carrol Martain, Moore and Leper, Thomas B Moffet, William C Metcalf, Levi Mulinax, Samuel McFeran, John Moffet, Robert Moffet Jr, Robert Moffett Jr for E S Moffet deceased, E S Moffet, J F Moore, Webster McCastlin, Irey McCastlin, John Moore, Henry Mileham, W H McColester, G E Miller, John R Moore, John H Moore, George McKinney, Hugh Martain, William P Moore, Alen Miller, William C Maxcey, J R Maxey, William G McClure, William McGeehee, Jesse Miller, Polley Moore, W B Marrs, Wilson Miller, Samuel Marrs, Ared ? McCastlin, Alex McLaughlin, Elisha Milton Jr, Elisha Milton Sr, William M Martain, Reubin Martain, Thomas Moore, Ester Morris for Thomas Morris deceased [brought into place, she is actually listed with the W's below], J T Morrison, T J McGradey, R M McGradey, S A McGradey, George Moore, C M Murdock, Mary K Moffit, Washington Morris, F M Nixon, William Norman, A J Nixon, Francis Nixon, John Neff, John C Nixon, C W C Nixon, R S Oliver, Francis Ogdon, W B Oliver, John Perley, J W Pendleton, Thomas B Patey, William A Powell, Jonathan Pierce, Joseph Pool, Aaron Packer, W W Poff, M P Pool, James P Purl, David Pate, T J Price, Charles Partain, Willoby Partain, George C Powell, Eli Patey, David Peabody, Henry Pickins, William B Price, David Price, Emanual Parker, G M Powell, Thomas C Parkes, Thomas C Parks for John Lasater's estate, Daniel Pearce, James Pearce, Charles Pate, W G Preston, Israel Patton, L C Quin, H A Quesenberry, J M Quesenberry, William C Quesenberry, W M Quesenberry, Robert Quesenberry, Richard Quesenberry, J F Quaile, Wiatt Richardson, Christopher Riffe, Joseph Russell, William Reaves, Joseph Roberts, Henry Russell, Delilah Russell, John Rawson, Joseph Read, Lewis Russell, George H Russell, William L Riffe, George Russell, George Ransom, E M Richardson, P W Richardson, S W Row, Willas Russell, Isac Roark, Jesse Richards, John Roark, James F Read, John Read, Isaak Row, Thomas Row, Eli Row, William P Raney, Armstead Redmond, Jesse Redmond, Peter Radgsdal, James Radgsdale, Tyro ? Richardson, James Richardson, L J Rowland, Charles Spencer, Alex St Clair, W J Shard, Emanuel Speegle, John Simons, Geroge STokes, John Steale, William R Steele, John Stutsman, Joel Stafford, Artouad ? Smith, J G Sawyers, William C St Clair, W H Sedgwick, Micajah Stone, William E Smith, Everett Smith, Robert Sirmickson ?, John Sewell, James Sewell, William Sewell, L J Spurgle, David Shelbey, William P Shackelford, Hinian Steele, James B Simpson, John Simpson, Hugh Simpson, Francis P Smith, William Stokes, Robert Skidmore, Edward Spear, Abner Stokes, William G Stokes, Thomas STricklin, Catherine Stutsman, John D Steele, G W Sutherland, J D W Speegle, Anderson Stout, William Stamps, John Sharp, J M Speegle, Isaac Snodgrass, John Tucker, D P Tucker, James Tucker, Robert Tucker, William Tindell, Suddeth Turner, J B Thaxton, A B M Thurlkeld, John Titsworth, Alford Thomason, Samuel Thomason, Spear Titsworth, Ransom Tucker, E M Tatum, J W D Taylor, Joel H Tuggles, Isaac Taylor, Ambrose Taylor, William Taylor, Thomas C Tomberlin, Eliazer Tomberlin, John W Tomberlin, James W Tomberlin, Joseph B Tomberlin, William Tyson, Jacob Vaught, Alexander Varbell, J D Venerable, William Willi, G W Wilburn, H H Wisdom, William Wisdom, Francis Wisdom, Dredin Wilkins, John Wilkins, John Ward, James Wilburn, Thomas Wadsworth, Joel Wood, Presley Wood, Oliver Wood, Mary Wolf, E A Walden, Geroge Woliver, John Weldon, D D Williams, Perry F Webb, Sarah Williams, Russell Williams, John Williams, Ester Morris for Thomas Morris deceased, Francis Williams, John Warner, Levi Whittle, Castleton Ward, Kendall Webb, Thomas Webb, J J Walker, T L Yates

Non-residents Owners of land taxed

F G Ake, John Bivens, Samuel Boyd, R H Bean, Mark Bean, John W Crane, L H Clark, William Cummins, John Clark, J J Cheroning ?, J J Dillard, William H Dilliard for G W Paskel, Jonathan Eppler, Alford Henderson, William Jurkins, James Kimbrough, John Knight, James Marrs Sr, John Neal, James Morris, William T Oldham, John Panhorn, Hubbard Smith & Co, Corca & Macomb, William Russell, Gill Walker & Hail, Samuel Weaver, David Walker, S & G Turner, Thadias Willson, William Kelley, Guise & Davis

- extracted by Will Johnson