David C Lewis (Spiritual Teacher)


Religion - David C. Lewis is a Spiritual Teacher and the founder of The Hearts Center, an Ascended Master Teachings group in the tradition of other ascended master organizations and teachings, starting with the Theosophical Society in 1875 and including several other groups such as the "I AM" Activity, The Agni Yoga Society, The Bridge to Freedom, Self Realization Fellowship, and The Summit Lighthouse.

The Hearts Center's views and practices are somewhat more eclectic than other such groups. For instance, it prominently incorporates other teachings, particularly those of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, 1900-1986, a Bulgarian mystic who founded an ashram in France, where he lived and taught from 1937 until his death in 1986. The Hearts Center regularly practices Buddhic spiritual techniques as well.

Lewis and his followers believe he receives regular communiques, or dictations, from the Ascended Masters, released for the edification and enlightenment of all who receive them with open hearts. These messages are known as HeartStreams. ("HeartStreams" and "heartstreaming" are trademarked terms). Sometimes HeartStreams are in the form of simple discourses or darshans. David Lewis has released more than 1,700 Heartstreams since 2004. They are available to the public on the Hearts Center Website.

In collaboration with Michael McNeil, Lewis is a contributing writer of Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet, edited by Dawson Church, Ph.D., published by Elite Books of Santa Rosa, CA. ISBN 0-9710888-5-3, copyright 2005. Their chapter is entitled, "Heartstreaming: The Mind of God at Work". In addition, Lewis has written "Now, Zen and Always," ISBN 978-0-9818863-0-5 and "Promises of the Masters for the Golden Age." Lewis has also composed and published seven New Age/Spiritual Music CDs [1].

For 22 years, David served on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, founded by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. Elizabeth Clare Prophet retired from her duties as head of The Summit Lighthouse in 1999. In late 2004 Lewis requested the opportunity to apply as messenger for the Summit Lighthouse, saying he had been instructed to do so by the ascended masters, from whom he had been receiving private communications. This request was rejected by the Council of Elders of the organization. Lewis's only comment on the event is to say that his application was met with the statement, "There won't be any more messengers."[2]

So a new organization was formed to carry on the work that the Ascended Masters desired to accomplish of continued communication, guidance and infusions of light to the earth that accompany every worded release. The Hearts Center movement has avoided public denunciations of other movements, choosing rather to honor the rich heritage and truth in all sponsored activities, to focus on shared understanding and to build upon this great body of ascended master wisdom released through varied organizations.

In obedience to the mission of The Hearts Center to anchor the light of God around the planet, Lewis, along with supporters of this mission, travel widely, conducting spiritual and healing retreats, pilgrimages and seminars. Their travels have taken them to 16 countries on five continents, including Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the Orient, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and Brazil in the Americas, as well as Egypt, India, South Africa and numerous countries in Europe. The organization has 20 centers in the U.S. and abroad. It operates as a virtual community with "heartfriends" gathering daily via the internet to practice "heartstreaming"--in the form of prayer, meditation, song and mantra. Lewis often leads these daily sessions on-line.

Lewis and his wife live in Park County, Montana.


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