FireFTP Flunks User Interface Class

Or How I learned to love Programmer Teams who didn't communicate with each other

FireFTP is an extension to the Firefox web browser, to facilitate FTP operations. In this article I complain a bit and then tell you what "Advanced Options" means.


Written 17 Feb 2010 by Will Johnson for Fast Forward Technologies,
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As those of you who've followed me know, I generally use the FireFox web browser.  In addition, I have a need for raw FTP uploads and so have installed the FTP extension FireFTP.  I love that it is integrated right into my browser menu bar.  It seems to work fairly well for me.


For the past several days, I've been curious about this function that appears in my right-click menu.  When I select an item in the right FTP pane (the files on the internet, not on my local system) and right-click on it, I get a menu.  The menu has several things listed, which I can do, and one which states "View on the Web".

Curious to see what that did exactly, I chose it.  I get an error message "For this feature to work you need to fill in a web host under your account's advanced options."  Okay sounds simple enough I guess.  Now where exactly are my advanced options?  Hmmm no menu called advanced, or options, or account.

The Tools menu doesn't have it.  The Tools>Options submenu doesn't have it.  I give up.

Today I accidentally hit the Edit menu, and a dialog box comes up called "Account Manager". Hmmmm.  Examining it closely I do see that there is a tab called "Advanced".  So finally I was able to fill it in and a few things starting working using that function.


Does Mozilla think that "your account's advanced options" is the same as "Edit > Advanced" ?

Or "select your Edit menu item, then click the Advanced Tab in the Account Manager dialog box".  Fire the user-interface team!  Hire me.

I don't know why they don't just default the "Web Host" to be the same as the Host.  I don't get that.