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(cHdc) Watch this selection of full-length movies right now on YouTube, and you too can be a Chairpotato.


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    Movies by Genre
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    This Knol lists the categories of full-length movies you can watch right now on YouTube.  Click on any category to the right, to see the list of movies for that category.  Also see the rest of my series "Entertainment on YouTube".

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    Adventure Movies Biographies Buddy-Films
    Classic Literature
    Comedies Coming-of-Age
    Drama Fantasy
    Family Life Horror
    Law and Order
    Real Life Romance
    Science-Fiction  Suspense  Tear-jerkers  Westerns

    Also check out Chairpotato Presents: Movies on Internet Archive
    and YouTube's own (official?) Full-Length Movies at YouTube / Movies
    where there are several dozen more movies

    Movies by Decade
    1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s
    1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s

    Movies by Actor
     Montgomery Clift   Gary Cooper   Jeanne Crain  Joan Crawford
     Bette Davis   Kirk Douglas  Irene Dunne  Errol Flynn
     Henry Fonda  Clark Gable  Judy Garland
     Cary Grant  Alec Guinness
     Audrey Hepburn
     Katherine Hepburn  Burt Lancaster  Jerry Lewis
     Peter Lorre  Bela Lugosi  Agnes Moorehead
     Vincent Price
     Randolph Scott  Jimmy Stewart
     Barbara Stanwyck
     Elizabeth Taylor

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