Sierra West Electronics

Sierra West Electronics was a company located in Milpitas, California


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Sierra West Electronics was a company located at 446 South Hillview Drive in Milpitas, California.  They bought and sold electronic components for small devices and circuit boards, and also both engineered and built some circuit boards.  They had a web presence at which is now defunct, but the majority of their sales were through telephone operators.  They existed probably from the late 90s until around 2001-2003 when the company was purchased by another outfit.  It's believed the company's annual gross was between one million and ten million.

Sierra West operated in the business-to-business marketplace, they did not have a retail presence, or if they did it was only a small test presence.  Their vendors were manufacturers and their clients were electronics assemblers.  Sierra West also experimented with buying overstocks then warehousing and reselling those components, and as a middle-man for the drop-shipping of overstocks.

There are several online directories showing the company existing still at that same address, but that is simply because most online directories do not update when their data becomes stale.  The company is also referred to online as Sierra West Electronics Distributors Inc and Sierra West Electronics Distribution Inc.

Doing this article it's fascinating to me, the dozen or more references still online in directories, to this company which has been out-of-business for so long.  Evidently there are or were quite a lot of people who tried to break into the online directory business by buying wholesale lists and throwing them up on servers and then trying to entice business owners to come claim their piece of online real estate.  I really don't think many businesses did that or cared to do that.  A few directories got good traction, the rest are evidently still limping along trying to find their niche.

Their computer software was Datamax running on top of MvBase a Pick licensee.

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