Computer Users Groups in Santa Cruz, California

A List

What Users Groups for Computer Technology exist in Santa Cruz, California?


I was poking around to see if I could find a Santa Cruz PHP Users Group, and didn't, but decided to go ahead and list every computer-oriented users group I could find in Santa Cruz.  So here you go!

Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp - Found this one on  It claims 888 members!

Santa Cruz Microsoft Alternatives Users Group - "Our purpose is to promote the use of Linux and other open-source operating systems" meets every Monday

Santa Cruz Drupal Users Group -

Santa Cruz Ruby on Rails Users Group - 113 members.

Santa Cruz Macintosh Users Group

Santa Cruz RedUser Users Group - (I have no idea what Red User is, but it sounds computer...ish)

Santa Cruz iPhone, iPod, iPad Developers - Claims 133 members.

Santa Cruz WordPress Group - 92 members.

Zerocog - "...allow for social networking to develop for the 0cog Inc frameworks."  Again I have no idea what 0cog is, but it sounds computer-ish.

Santa Cruz Android Developers