Ancestry of Prince Harry of Great Britain

The genealogy of the princes William and Harry, sons of Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales.


Prince Harry on his 21st Birthday

The numbers assigned below use the Ahnentafel method.
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  1. Henry Charles Albert "Harry" Windsor, born 15 Sep 1984 in London, Prince Harry of Wales (Wikipedia biography,, Genealogics) This article at reports that Harry is 6'3"

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  3. Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, Prince of Wales born 14 Nov 1948 at Buckingham Palace, England. (Wikipedia biography) (  He married firstly to Diana Spencer in 1981.  In 2005, Charles married secondly to Camilla (Shand) Parker-Bowles who then became Duchess of Cornwall

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  5. Diana Frances Spencer (1961-97), Princess of Wales 1981-97 (Wikipedia biography) ( Diana was born 1 Jul 1961 at Park House, Sandringham, co Norfolk, England as her parent's fourth child of five.  She married Prince Charles at St Paul's Cathedral on 29 Jul 1981, they had already been separated for a while when they finally divorced in 1996.  They had two children: William 1982 and Henry "Harry" 1984.  Diana died in 1997 in a car accident. (See Also: the Ancestry of Prince William and Kate Middleton)

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  7. Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh born 10 Jun 1921 at Corfu, Greece. (Wikipedia biography) (

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  9. Elizabeth II, Queen of England 1952-, born 21 Apr 1926 at London, England (Wikipedia biography) (
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  11. Edward John Spencer, born 24 Jan 1924 in London, 8th Earl Spencer 1975-92 (Wikipedia biography) ( Edward was born at Sussex Square, London on 24 Jan 1924 as the son of the then-Earl Spencer and his wife.  On 1 Jun 1954, in Westminster Abbey, Edward married Frances Burke Roche.  He and Frances had five children: Elizabeth, Cynthia, John (died at birth), Diana, and Charles who, as the only surviving male, succeeded his father in 1992 as the 9th Earl Spencer.  Edward and Frances divorced in 1969, both marrying other people.  He succeeded his father in 1975 as 8th Earl Spencer.  He most famously married in 1976, Raine (McCorquodale) Legge, Countess of Dartmouth, daughter of the novelist Barbara Cartland. (Raine's Wikipedia biography)  His children by Frances Roche are stated to have detested Raine, acting rudely to her at various times.  In contrast, it's stated that when Edward and Raine married, none of his children were invited to the wedding.  Edward died 29 Mar 1992 in London.
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  13. Frances Burke Roche born 20 Jan 1936 at Sandringham, died 3 Jun 2004 (Wikipedia biography) (  She married firstly Edward John Spencer, later 8th Earl Spencer (from 1975).  They divorced and she married secondly Peter Shand Kydd.  They also divorced.  Wikipedia reports her surname as "Roche" but it was actually the non-hyphenated surname "Burke Roche".
    Prince Harry
    Source: Wikimedia Commons

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  15. Andrew (1882-1944), Prince of Greece and Denmark (Wikipedia biography) (  He was born in Athens, Greece and died in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
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  17. Alice, born 25 Feb 1885 at Windsor, Princess von Battenberg, died 5 Dec 1969 at Buckingham Palace, London (Wikipedia biography) (
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  19. George VI, born 14 Dec 1895 at Sandringham, England; King of England 1936-52, died 6 Feb 1952 at Sandringham.  Not trained nor expecting to become king, he was thrust onto the throne in 1936 when his elder brother abdicated in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson.
  20. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, born 4 Aug 1900 at St Paul's, Waldenbury, England; died 30 Mar 2002 at London (Genealogics)
  21. Albert Edward John Spencer (1892-1975), 7th Earl Spencer
  22. Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton (1897-1972), Lady Hamilton
  23. Edmund Maurice Burke Roche (1885-1955), 4th Baron Fermoy, twin
  24. Ruth Sylvia Gill (1908-1993)
  25. William George Oldenburg, born 24 Dec 1845 at Copenhagen, Denmark, King of Greece as "George I"; died 18 Mar 1913 at Salonika; buried at Tatoi
  26. Olga Romanov (1851-1926), Princess Constantinovna
  27. Louis Alexander (1854-1921), Prince von Battenberg, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven
  28. Victoria Alberta (1863-1950), Princess of Hesse
  29. George V (1865-1936), King of England 1910-36
  30. Mary "May" of Teck (1867-1953), Queen of England
  31. Claude George Bowes-Lyon (1855-1944), 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
  32. Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (1862-1938)
  33. Charles Robert Spencer (1857-1922), 6th Earl Spencer
  34. Margaret Baring (1868-1906), Countess Spencer
  35. James Albert Edward Hamilton (1869-1953), 3rd Duke of Abercorn
  36. Rosalind Cecilia Caroline (1869-1958), Lady Bingham
  37. James Boothby Burke Roche (1852-1920), 3rd Baron Fermoy 1920
  38. Frances Eleanor "Ellen" Work (1857-1947)
  39. William Smith "W S" Gill (1865-1957) of Bieldsidy, Aberdeenshire
  40. Ruth Littlejohn (1879-1964)
  41. Christian (I) IX (1818-1906), King of Denmark
  42. Louise, Princess of Hesse-Cassel (1817-1898)
  43. Constantine Nikolaievitch, Grand Duke of Russia (1827-1892)
  44. Elizabeth Alexandra, Duchess of Russia (1830-1911)
  45. Alexander, Prince of Hesse and the Rhine (1823-1888)
  46. Julia von Hauke, Princess of Battenberg (1825-95)
  47. Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse (1837-1892)
  48. Alice Maud Mary, Princess of England (1843-1878)
  49. Edward VII (1841-1910), King of England 1901-10
  50. Alexandra, Princess of Denmark (1844-1925)
  51. Francis Paul Charles (1837-1900), Duke of Teck
  52. Mary Adelaide "Fat Mary" (1833-1897), Duchess of Teck
  53. Claude Bowes-Lyon (1824-1904), 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
  54. Frances Dora Smith (1832-1922) (Genealogics)
  55. Rev. Charles Cavendish-Bentinck (1817-1865)
  56. Caroline Louisa Burnaby (1832-1918)
  57. Frederick Spencer (1798-1857), 4th Earl Spencer
  58. Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour (1825-1877)
  59. Edward Charles Baring (1828-1897), 1st Baron Revelstoke (Wikipedia biography)
  60. Louisa Emily Charlotte Bulteel (1839-1892)
  61. James Hamilton (1838-1913), 2nd Duke of Abercorn
  62. Lady Mary Anna Curzon-Howe (1848-1929)
  63. George Bingham (1830-1914), 4th Earl of Lucan
  64. Lady Cecilia Katherine Gordon-Lennox (1838-1910)
  65. Edmund Burke Roche (1815-1874), 1st Baron Fermoy
  66. Elizabeth Caroline Boothby (1821-1897)
  67. Frank H Work (1819 - 1911) Frank Work was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, the younger of two brothers.  His father died while Frank was a mere infant.  It is not yet known by me, whether the widow remarried, or how she supported the family.  Frank left his home at about age 18 or 19 to come to New York City to make his fortune.  Starting off small, his interest in horse racing eventually attracted the attention of Vanderbilt.  When Frank's co-partnership was in trouble, Vanderbilt came to his financial aid, but then also offered him the chance to be his agent.  Meanwhile, Frank's further wife's father died while she was only 16, in 1848.  They must have known each other from Chillcothe, for next we find this widow also moving to New York City with her daughter who then married Frank there in 1857.  They would have three children: Frances Eleanor "Ellen" Work 1857, George Paul Work 1858, and Lucy Bond Work 1860.  Frank became a broker and banker, by 1860 work $120,000, by 1870 worth $230,000.  When he died, Frank left an estate in excess of thirteen million dollars.  Frank left a complicated will with many codicils, however the heirs between themselves, made a friendly agreement to set the will aside and divide the estate equitably amongst them.
  68. Ellen Wood (1831 - 1877)
  69. Alexander Ogston Gill (1832-1908) of Fairfield, Aberdeen
  70. Barbara Smith Marr (1842 - < 30 Jun 1898)
  71. Major David Littlejohn (1841-1924)
  72. Jane Crombie (1843-1917)

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