Nick Clegg, next British Prime Minister ?

The ancestry of Nicholas "Nick" Clegg, perhaps the next British Prime Minister



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Ancestry of Nick Clegg.
The numbers assigned below were determined using the Ahnentafel system.
Thanks to Renia Simonds, Richard Carruthers, Peter Collingridge and M Sjostrom for contributing to this research.  And special thanks to Roy Stockdill, professional genealogist who went over it with a fine-toothed comb, and sent me several corrections and additions.  And to Wayne, a Knol contributor who has offered more additions and corrections.

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Nick Clegg

1 Nick Clegg
Nicholas Peter William "Nick" Clegg was born 7 Jan 1967 in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, England. (Wikipedia, "Nick Clegg"), the son of Nicolas Peter Clegg and his wife Hermance van den Wall Bake.

2 Nicolas Peter Clegg
Nicolas Peter Clegg was born 24 May 1936 in London, the son of Hugh Anthony Clegg and his wife Baroness Kira von Engelhardt. (Genealogics, "Nicolas Peter Clegg")

3 Eulalia Hermance van den Wall Bake
Hermance van den Wall Bake was born 23 Nov 1936 at Palembang, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), the daughter of Herman Willem Alexander "Hemmy" van den Wall Bake and his wife Louise Hillegonde van Dorp. (see Genealogics, "Eulalia Hermance van den Wall Bake")

4 Hugh Anthony Clegg
Hugh Anthony Clegg was born 10 June 1900 in St Ives, co Hunt ("aged 10 months" 1901 Census), the son and third child of clergyman and school teacher John Clegg and his wife Gertrude Wilson.He appears in the 1911 Census as a school boy attending his father's school in Lowestoft, co Suffolk.  Hugh had two older siblings, Arnold and John, and several younger ones, Mary, Margaret, Bernard, and Veronica.

Hugh became a subeditor on the British Medical Journal.  He married Kira von Engelhardt Jul/Sep of 1932 in Hampstead District, co Middlesex, England. Dr H A Clegg's obituary is in: British Medical Journal, number published on 16 July 1983, stating Hugh Anthony Clegg was born on 10 June 1900 and died on 6 July 1983.

Hugh Anthony Clegg appears in the DNB and in Who's Who. (Source)

5 Kira von Engelhardt
Kira von Engelhardt, Baroness was born in 1909 or in 1918 in Nice, France of Russian parents, Arthur Engelhardt and his wife Alexandra Ignatievna "Alla" Zakrevskaya (b. 1887) ("you can find their family tree in Ikonnikov, La Noblesse de la Russie, published in Paris in 1962"). Many online sources will state that she was born in 1909 in Russia, however this entry card is written 1940 but apparently stamped 1949 which she herself filled out stating that she was age 31 and born in Nice, France. (Source)  Does that stamp look like a 1940?  I'm not sure, maybe.  If this was 1940, she and her two children were apparently escaping the bombing of England by coming to Canada and then the U.S.  Kira died in Aug 2005 at Hammersmith, London.

6 Herman Willem Alexander van den Wall Bake
(Genealogics, "Herman Willem Alexander van den Wall Bake")

8 John Clegg
John Clegg was born in New Wortley, a suburb of Leeds, Yorkshire about 1869 ("age 32" 1901 Census), the son of Simeon Clegg and his first wife Mary Brook.  John appears living in Lowestoft, co Suffolk in the 1901 and 1911 Census, but prior to that in Hull, Yorkshire in the 1891 and 1881 Census. According to the 1871 Census he was staying with his grandfather Jonathan Brook and his mother's siblings at Holbeck, Yorkshire. John was a school teacher and according to one source a clergyman.  He ran a private school at St Ives, Huntingdonshire, and then at Lowestoft, Suffolk.  He married Gertrude Wilson in the Fall of 1892 at Lewisham, Surrey. They had at least seven children up to the time of the 1911 Census with John Ambrose, Hugh Anthony, Mary Gertrude, Margaret Aldyth, Bernard Augustine and Veronica Joan ranging in age from 13 down to 3 years living with them in 1911 while eldest child Arnold Brook Clegg was away at St. Andrew's School, Bradfield, Reading in County Berkshire.

9 Gertrude Wilson
Gertrude Wilson was born about 1868 in Hull, Yorkshire ("age 33" 1901 Census).  It appears that Gertrude was illegitimate.  Richard Carruthers in a posting to Gen-Medieval-L, on 23 Apr 2010 outlines the case that she was born Gertrude Short and her parents married after her birth.

10 Arthur von Engelhardt, Baron
Very little is known about Arthur von Engelhardt to-date.  He married Alla by 1909, their daughter Kira was born in 1909 in Nice, France, and then they divorced by 1912, probably in France.  Alla moved to Paris in 1912.  Nothing else is known about Arthur.  If you know something and have a source for it, let me know.
11 Alexandra Ignatievna Zakrevskaya

Born in 1884, she was called "Alla".  She married three times.  First to Baron Arthur von Engelhardt giving birth to Kira in 1909 in Nice, France.  They divorced.  She then moved to Paris and married Rene Moulin.  Her last husband was V I Trubnikov who killed himself in Naples by gunshot. "Alla was living alone in Paris, and over the years had become addicted to narcotics.  The intense dramas that had accompanied her numerous affairs had finally destroyed her." (Source)

16 Simeon Clegg
Simeon Clegg was born 1844 in Adwalton, co Yorkshire and baptized 28 July 1844 at Birstall, Yorkshire, the son of John Clegg and his wife Martha.  According to the 1841 census, he had older sisters Phoebe born about 1833 and Sally born about 1835 and a half-brother Jowett Townsend born about 1832. By the 1851 census his sister Elizabeth had been born about 1842. She had been baptized the same day as Simeon. A brother Sidney was born about 1847.  He appears in the 1851 and 1861 census as a boy living with his parents in Adwalton, Bradford, Yorkshire.  In the 1871 census of Bramley, Yorkshire he was a butcher with a wife.  Simeon Clegg appears in 1881, 1891 and 1901 living in Hull, Yorkshire where he was an Engineer's clerk, returning to butchery by 1901.  Simeon married first to Mary Brook Jan/Mar 1868 at Kirkstall, Yorkshire and they had at least three children: John, Harry Brook, and Mary.  Mary may have died as a child, she appears in the 1881 census, age 1, but not in the 1891.  Mary Brook died at Hull, Yorkshire in 1884.  Simeon then married Mrs Emma Ward Jul/Sep 1884 in Hull, Yorkshire. She had been Emma Matchan and was the widow of Benjamin Batty Ward and had a young son of her own, Robert Ward born about 1876.  Simeon died in 1903 in Hull, Yorkshire. His last wife Emma possibly died before him, as he is living with another man in 1901.  But site reader Roy Stockdill points out that she is probably that Emma WARD born about 1839 at Brandesburton, Yorkshire still living in Hull in 1901, and also that Emma CLEGG who died in 1915
aged 85 at Hull.
17 Mary Brook

Mary Brook (or Brooke?) was born at Holbeck, Yorkshire about 1844, the daughter of Jonathan Brook and his wife Ann nee Ellis.  She married Simeon Clegg Jan/Mar 1868 at Kirkstall, Yorkshire and they had at least three children: John, Harry Brook and Mary.  Mary the wife, died at Hull, Yorkshire in 1884.  Simeon then married Mrs Emma Ward Jul/Sep 1884 in Hull, Yorkshire.

32 John Clegg
John Clegg was born at Adwalton, Yorkshire and baptised 23 Oct 1803 at Birstall, Yorkshire (Batch C108113 wj), with father named there as Christopher and mother Martha. John married in 1841 in Tong church (but as a resident of Bristol) to the widow Martha Townsend (nee Jowett) and they appear with children in the 1851 and 1861 census living at Bradford, Yorkshire.  John was a cabinetmaker or "Master Joiner" and a grocer.  Roy Stockdill sent me a photocopied image of the marriage certificate which states that Martha Townsend was a widow and her father's name was John Jowett, a shoemaker, which explains why she has a son named Jowett Townsend age 9 living with them in the 1851 census.  The same marriage certificate states that John's father was Christopher Clegg, a collier

33 Martha Jowett

Martha Jowitt was baptised 17 April 1808 at Birstall, Yorkshire on 17 April 1808 (batch no. C108113 wj) with father there as John and mother Hannah.

64 Christopher Clegg
A Christopher Clegg was baptised at Birstall, Yorkshire 12 Feb 1775 (Batch C108113 wj) with father named there as Jonathan.  He is probably the same Christopher Clegg who married Martha Wood at Birstall, Yorkshire 23 Jun 1799 (IGI Patron Sheet).

65 Martha Wood

66 John Jowett

128 Jonathan Clegg

Jonathan Clegg married Sarah Waddington at Birstall, Yorkshire on 19 March 1758 (Batch M108112 wj)

129 Sarah Waddington