David Cameron, British Prime Minster

Some notes on the ancestry of Britain's new prime minister David Cameron


David Cameron descends from Richard Cecil in the following way:


  1. David William Donald Cameron (b. 1966), British Prime Minister 2010-
  2. Mary Fleur Mount (b. 1934)
  3. William Malcolm Mount (1904-93), Knt and 2nd Bnt
  4. Hilda Lucy Adelaide Low
  5. Ida Matilda Alice Feilding (b. 1840)
  6. Mary Elizabeth Kitty Moreton (1798-1842)
  7. Frances Herbert (b. 1775)
  8. Henry Herbert (b. 1741), 1st Earl of Carnarvon
  9. William Herbert (d. 1757), Major-General
  10. Thomas Herbert (b. 1656), 8th Earl of Pembroke, 5th Earl of Montgomery
  11. Philip Herbert (1621-69), 5th Earl of Pembroke
  12. Susan de Vere (1587-1629)
  13. Anne Cecil (1556-1588)
  14. William Cecil (1520-98), 1st Baron Burghley 1571-1598
  15. Richard Cecil, esq

David Cameron is a relative of Queen Elizabeth II in the following way:
1. David William Donald Cameron
2. Ian Donald Cameron (b. 1932)
3. Enid Levita (1908-93)
4. Stephanie Agnes Cooper (1883-1918)
5. Agnes Duff (b. 1852)
6. Agnes Hay (b. 1829)
7. Elizabeth FitzClarance  (b. 1801)
8. William (1765-1837) IV, King of England 1830-7
9. George III, King of England 1760-1820
8. Edward Augustus Hanover, Duke of Kent
7. Victoria, Queen of England 1837-1901
6. Edward VII, King of England 1901-10
5. George V, King of England 1910-36
4. George (1895-1952) VI, King of England 1936-52
3. Elizabeth (b. 1926) II, Queen of England 1952-
2. Charles Philip Arthur Windsor, Prince of Wales
1. Prince William Arthur Philip (b. 1982) of Wales

David Cameron is also related to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York as they both descend from Samuel Elliott of Antigua by his wife Alice Byam (married 1763)

David Cameron is also related to actor Cary Elwes, as they both descend from William Feilding, Earl of Denbigh and Desmond, by his wife Mary Kitty Moreton.

He is also related to Diana, Princess of Wales as they both descend from Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke by his wife Susan de Vere.