98204 Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale

98204 Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale using Trulia.com

98204 Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale using Trulia.com


This Knol written by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, as an example of how to use Trulia URL's to generate lists of for-sale and sold properties in various locations.

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Real Estate For Sale in Snohomish County, Washington

Focusing on Zip Code 98204

Trulia also has a way of viewing Recently Sold homes, but when I tried it for these zip codes I didn't see anything, even though I know there are recently sold homes.  I suspect that in order for that to work, they need a partner in that area, willing to provide them with the data, and probably not all areas have such partners yet.  However for an example of the Recently Sold homes link look at this one for the 95003 zip code.  The URL, for which they get a high mark, is very simple, just http://www.trulia.com/sold/95003_zip/

A new site I've just found called Zillow is showing recent sales for Everett, WA.  And appears to be relatively up-to-date and complete.  They can also do it by Zip code, this search is for 98204.  Now if you have a site that is hard to use, Domania, competing with a site which is easy to use Zillow, who is going to win out?  Yes....

The URLs however for their properties for-sale aren't as simple :
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/price;a_sort/
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/SINGLE-FAMILY_HOME_type/price;a_sort/
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/CONDO_type/price;a_sort/
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/TOWNHOUSE_type/price;a_sort/
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/LOT%7CLAND_type/price;a_sort/
  • http://www.trulia.com/for_sale/98204_zip/MULTI-FAMILY_type/price;a_sort/

As a computer programmer myself, I can say that you really do not need to say "zip" or "type" in the above.  It's redundant.  No one is going to mistake "Multi-Family" for a zip code for example.  Also is it really necessary to capitalize those types?  And finally, wouldn't a simple code like "Multi-Family"=3 be a lot easier?  OK anyway, it's better than other sites I've tried which don't even allow deep-linking.

The Snohomish County Assessor / Treasurer Parcel Inquiry system is at this link, where you can see what the current taxes are, verify the square footage, see past transactions, etc.  That website is quite buggy and I wish they'd fix it, but at least it's better than nothing.  The map will often not move when you want it to move, not zoom up or down when you tell it to, and sometimes inexplicably takes you to somewhere to which you didn't tell it to go.  Sometimes I would like to look at a map of sales in an area, but don't know an exact address for that area.  It doesn't appear that you can select an area by zip code, so you just have to make a guess and then move to map around once it appears.  Once it does pop up, on the side there are toggle boxes for recent sales, and also toggles to show street address instead of parcel number.

In the table below I'm going to start charting how the prices are changing over time, hopefully I can keep this update at least once a week.  For each property type below, the table shows the number of those properties currently for sale, and then the median price for that type of property.

   All Properties
Single-family homes  Condos  Townhouses  Lot or Land Multi-Family Income
 Date  No.  Median  No.  Median  No.  Median  No.  Median  No.  Median  No.  Median    

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