Knol Site Vanishes

For several hours on 25 Jun 2010 the entire Knol site was offline. No word yet on why.


On 25 Jun 2010, visitors to Knol were greeted with the message "A critical error has occurred", on an otherwise blank white page.  The error lasted from at least Noon to at least 4PM PST.  No word yet on why this happened.

I posted a message to Google Groups Knol-Users about it, and Garry Jenkins posted on the Knol help page, that it was "at least six hours", that the site was down.



I also tried a lot.

Happy to inform you that my page views doubled on Google analytics. Have they change their way of calculating? My adsense is now showing increase in page views.


Started a Knol Promotion Board

Narayana Rao - 25 Jun 2010