Harman-Kardon SC2320


1968 Advertisement for the
Harman-Kardon SC2320

In 1968 Harman-Kardon introduced the SC-2320 30-Watt AM/FM Stereo Compact Music System.  The image on the left here is from an advertisement that year.

"Because Harman-Kardon Wants You To Hear More Music They Created The harman-kardon SC-2320 30-Watt AM/FM Stereo Compact Music System.

"Here's a better way to listen to music.  This Harman-Kardon SC2320 plays monaural and stereo records.  It receives both AM/FM and FM stereo broadcasts.  It has solid state electronics throughout, including newly developed integrated micro-circuits.  It has a unique speaker selector so you can connect stereo speaker systems in two rooms and select between them, or use all simultaneously.  And a tuning meter so you can accurately locate FM stations.

Complete System Includes
  • Garrard 3000 automatic turntable
  • Harman-Kardon 2-way speaker system