Unidentified Flea Market Treasures

I pick up things at the flea market that I like but I can't identify, so I post them here.


Often I'll find something I like at the flea market but it's missing enough to clearly identify it, or maybe it's very rare, or maybe old or maybe so few people bought one that I can't find it online anywhere to identify it, or price it.  So I post it here.

I got this plush bulldog it's about 10 inches from nose to butt.  It's really cute.  The label says Kipp who has a website, but this dog is not on it.  The dog has an orange head and body, yellow paws and a green tail.  One red ear and one blue ear.  Plastic nose, eyes and eyelids.  So what year was this made, and what's it worth?

I have a very large Pillsbury Dough Boy stuffed doll.  I'd say he must be 30" or 36" I haven't measured him, but I can't find anything this large online.  He's not a bean bag, feels more like polyester fill.  Anyone have an idea when he was made and what he might be worth?