Edward Knight of Wolverley, ironmaster

Edward Knight of Wolverley, ironmaster, was an ancestor of Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York.


Edward Knight is #318 in the Ahnentafel of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.
Edward Knight was baptised 17 Dec 1699 at Burrington, Hereford (Batch J138691 wj) the third son of Richard Knight and his wife Elizabeth Payne.  Two more sons were subsequently baptised at Burrington: Ralph and Timothy.  The elder two sons : Richard and Thomas must appear somewhere else.  By 1712, if not earlier, Richard Knight appears, being called "of Brindgwood, co Herf" and then an ironmaster.
In 1731 Richard Knight purchases Wolverley in co Warwick.  His will was probate 27 Oct 1744.  His wife Elizabeth, who had been baptised 7 Nov 1671 at Shawbury, Shropshire (Batch C053902 wj), died 19 Oct 1754.  However the eldest son Richard, the heir,  was apparently not of Wolverley but took up his residence at Ludlow where he is cited 1758 and then an "esq".
The second son Thomas was rector of Bewdley and Ribbesford and died "aged 67" in 1764.  The fourth son Ralph was of Bringwood, co Herf, baptised 7 Jul 1703 and died 27 Feb 1754 "aged 50".  The fifth son Timothy, baptised 23 Aug 1704 has not been traced.
Edward Knight, his father's third son, was of Wolverley as early as 1743 and so must have inherited this place in his father's will.  Edward is called "esq" and also an ironmaster by 1758.  On 8 Aug 1726, Edward Knight married at Sheldon, co Warwick (Batch M19781 wj) to Elizabeth James.  All references to her called her "of Olton End" which is a place near Solihull, co Warwick.  One reference calls her the "heiress" of that place, but I cannot find any confirmation of that, and it seems unlikely.
Edward and Elizabeth had at least five children.
Elizabeth Knight appears to be the eldest as on 1 May 1749 at Wolverley (Batch M025222 wj), she married Benjamin Palmer of Olton End.  Benjamin was the only child of his parents Benjamin Palmer of Olton End (d. 1733 "aged 64") and his wife Anne Grimshaw (d. 1745 "aged 76").  It seems likely that Benjamin inherited Olton End from his own parents, prior to 1733, who inherited it from their parents, and that should preclude his mother-in-law Elizabeth from having been the heiress of that place.  The documents however haven't all been yet searched.  It does not appear that Elizabeth Knight and Benjamin Palmer had any children.  He died 13 Jun 1772 "in his 61st year", with a will dated 5 Jul 1767 and has an M.I. at Solihull, co Warwick.  Sometime between that date and 1779 when she so-appears in a document, Elizabeth Knight married secondly Charles Baldwyn of Aqualate, co Salop; esq.  He was then living, but died before 1812 as Elizabeth, as his widow died 6 Oct 1812 at her house in Grosvenor Square, London "in her 85th year", with an M.I. at Solihull.  She died apparently s.p.
The second child of Edward and Elizabeth appears to be Edward Knight junior, esq, who appears as of Wooten Wawen, prehaps an inheritence.  He was born in 1734 and succeeded his father at Wolverley but died unmarried May 1812.
The third child of Edward and Elizabeth appears to be Mary Knight who is called "second daughter" of her father.  She married on 27 Dec 1755 at Wolverley (Batch M025222 wj) to Coplestone Warre Bamfylde who died s.p., his will proved 1791.  Presumptively she also died s.p.
The fourth child of Edward and Elizabeth appears to be John Knight whose life years are give as 1740-1795.  He married Henrietta Cunningham, daughter of Daniel Cunningham of St Kitts, West Indies.  I have not yet found their marriage date or place, but they were married by 1767 when their eldest child is baptised that year.  They had five known children: John 1767, Harriet 1768, Daniel 1771, Edward 1774 and Thomas 1775 all baptised at Wolverley (Batch C025223 wj).  John at least survived, disposing of Gumley Hall, co Leics in 1837 when he was then called of Simonsbath, co Somerset and "esq".  He is said-to-have died in 1850.
The fifth child and I believe youngest child of Edward and Elizabeth was Sarah Knight baptised at Wolverley 7 Feb 1743 (Batch C025223 wj).  On 15 May 1766 she married John Sebright of Beechwood, 6th Bnt, the son of Thomas Saunders Sebright of Beechwood, 4th Bnt by his wife Henrietta Dashwood.  They had at least one child Henrietta Sebright born 6 May 1770, through whom descends Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.  John Sebright died 23 Feb 1794, and Sarah Knight in 1833.