Reason Mellish and Anne Metham


Reason Mellish, first son of Robert Mellish of Ragnal, by his first wife Mary Saunderson, was baptised at Blythe 30 Oct 1627 ("Familiae minorum gentium", "Mellish-Harvey", page 975). "The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1660-1690" shows the wife of this Reason Mellish, MP, to be "Anne, da. of Robert Metham of Bullington, Lincs." ( Her baptismal date 16 Apr 1626, and ancestry is given by "Lincolnshire Pedigrees", "Metham of Bullington", page 671

Their children as given in Familiae Minorum Gentium were : Charles, Robert, Edward and Jane; with Edward being shown with three sons who all died s.p., and five daughters: Edward, William, Charles, Dorothy, Jane, Anne, Elizabeth and Mary.

The children of Reason Mellish and Anne Metham were apparently all baptised at South Carlton, co Lincoln where they appear (Batch C026101 wj) as:
  1. Reason Mellish bapt. 1 Jan 1665/6
  2. Jane Mellish bapt. 3 Oct 1668
  3. William Mellish bapt. 12 Dec 1669
  4. Charles Mellish bapt. 12 Jun 1671
  5. Edward Mellish bapt. 16 Jan 1672/3
Reason is mentioned as the "eldest son" and then of "Laughton, Yorkshire" of his father "Robert Mellish of Ragnall, Notts" in the will of Reason's uncle Robert Sanderson Bishop of Lincoln. (Source)
A letter of his, dated 1682, is transcribed here.  Reason Mellish represented the county of Nottingham in parliament in 1685.