Companies that use Pick

A list of a few Companies that use the Pick operating system and it's clones Universe, Unidata, mvBase, mvEnterprise, D3, Revelation, OpenInsight, Reality, QM, Cache and JBase.



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Evidently the software which runs on is hard to navigate.  A few people have mentioned this to me.  And since the entire community is enhanced by the creation of additional resources, this page will show a few of the companies which use Pick.  I've created an additional page for those companies who historically used Pick but do so no longer. ("Companies That Used Pick")  For a general discussion of Pick resources and a bit of history see Pick, Universe, Unidata Resources.  And for the man himself see Richard "Dick" Pick.

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Starting in the 1980s Pick Systems began publishing a book called "Pick Hits", which listed several hundred pages of software application vendors.  The first printing I remember was a smaller red book about the shape of a Reader's Digest, but a bit thicker.  Several years later, I purchased a large grey book about the shape of an encyclopedia volume.  I got rid of both of these copies over a decade ago, and now that I'm a historian, I wish I would have kept them.  Many articles could be created out of them today.  Pete Schellenbach of AccuSoft recently sent me yet another edition.  This is a large red covered spiral bound edition. which states copyright 1988 and inside a forward by Dick Pick states : "In this fifth printing of Pick Hits, we briefly outline more than 1,500 vertical applications, as well as nearly 200 horizontal applications and productivity tools.... we have included listings for Pick dealers, programmers and consultants... training centers, user groups and Pick licensees."  I believe the last edition of "Pick Hits" was probably in the early to mid-90s.


Hardware and Operating System Vendors

[Edit]  with LATEST date confirmed to be a Pick user

Software Vendors

[Edit] with LATEST date confirmed to be a Pick user

End Users

  • For historical end-users see Companies That Used Pick
  • Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa
  • County of El Paso, TX (confirmed Jun 2009)
  • County of Nevada, CA (confirmed Dec 2009)
  • Hartnell College, Salinas, CA (confirmed Jun 2010)
  • Meritain Health - Minneapolis, MN (confirmed Sep 2010)
  • Market America in Greensboro, NC (confirmed Sep 2010)
  • Everett Housing Authority, Everett, WA (confirmed Oct 2010)
  • Lynden, Seattle, WA (confirmed Oct 2010)
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in Pullman, WA (confirmed Oct 2010)
  • Home Decorators Collection, Home Depot, St Louis, MO (confirmed Oct 2010)
  • Campana Systems Inc., 99 Randall Drive, Waterloo, Ontario (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • DC Chartered Health Plan, Baltimore, MD (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • Pacific American Fish Company, Vernon, CA (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • University of California at Berkeley (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • Adelphi University, Garden City, NY (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • Omnicare Information Solutions, Dublin, Ohio (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Humana, Tampa, Florida (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • GM Nameplate, Seattle, WA (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Bookmasters, Ashland, OH (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Firstsource Advantage, LLC, Buffalo, NY (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Bar-S Foods, Elk City, OK (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Zirmed, Louisville, KY (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • La Clinica, Oakland, CA (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Petco Animal Supplies, San Diego, CA (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Clark County, Washington (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Snap-On Incorporated, Libertyville, IL (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Hyatt Leader, New York, NY (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Sage Publications Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • ACS, Kent, WA (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Interline Brands, Jacksonville, FL (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Ochsner Health Services, Louisiana (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Richardson Electronics, LaFox, IL (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Dayton Superior Corporation, Miamisburg, OH (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Watkins & Shepard Trucking, Missoula, MT (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Charles McMurray Company, Fresno, CA (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • School District of Philadelphia (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • GHS Data Management, Auburn, ME (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Residential and Student Services, Berkeley, CA (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • United Refining, Warren, PA (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • University of Minnesota Bookstore (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Sysco Foods of Denver (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • Kittery Trading Post (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • Vertis Communications, Baltimore, MD (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • State of Connecticut Child Support Services (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • PolkAudio, Baltimore, MD (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • San Mateo, CA Police Department (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • The Home Depot, Austin, TX (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • Laars Heating Systems, Rochester, NH (confirmed Feb 2011)
  • Ply Gem Windows, Auburn, WA & West Sacramento, CA (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • Innovation Industries Inc, Russellville, AR (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • Affiliated Acceptance Corp., Sunrise Beach, MO (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • Parker Hannifin, Smithtown, NY (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • Nashbar Direct, Canfield, OH (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • Neiman Marcus, Dallas/Irving, TX (confirmed Mar 2011)
  • MasterCraft Boat Company, Knoxville, TN (confirmed Apr 2011)
  • Momentum Textiles, Irvine, CA (confirmed Apr 2011), the Products link uses a U2 backend database
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union (confirmed Apr 2011)
  • Daily Express in Carisle, PA (Confirmed May 2011)
  • Sherwood Food Distributors, Phoenix, AR (confirmed May 2011)
  • City of Redwood City, CA (confirmed Jul 2011)
  • HM Electronics, Poway, CA (confirmed Jul 2011)
  • B/E Aerospace, Miami, FL (confirmed Jul 2011)
  • Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Orlando, FL (Sep 2011)
  • DAKOTACARE, Sioux Falls, SD (Sep 2011)
  • Lobel Financial, Anaheim, CA (Oct 2011)
  • LRP Publications, West Palm Beach, FL (Oct 2011)
  • Mouser Electronics, Inc. in Mansfield, TX (Oct 2011)
  • Extron Electronics, Anaheim, CA (confirmed Oct 2011)
  • American University, Washington DC (confirmed Oct 2011)
  • Courier Book, Chelmsford, MA (confirmed Oct 2011)
  • Ferguson Enterprises, Newport News, VA (confirmed Nov 2011)
  • Austin Community College District, Austin, TX (confirmed Nov 2011)
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Consultants / Contractors

  • SodaWerks, Inc, Sacramento, CA (confirmed Nov 2010)
  • Pareto Corporation, Edmonds, WA (confirmed Dec 2010)
  • Computerized Data Management, Maumelle, AR (confirmed Jan 2011)
  • Spyderweb Technical Services, Battle Ground, WA (confirmed Apr 2011)
  • Lakeside Systems, Smithfield, RI (confirmed Apr 2011)
  • Fast Forward Technologies, Santa Cruz, CA (confirmed Jul 2011)
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User Groups

Other Resources
  • MV Community Map using Google Maps, shows the locations of identified multi-value companies

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