Sajid Khan Throws Book at the President

Sajid Khan, well-known Knolian, was recently the subject of many news and blog posts, due to his throwing or tossing a 122-page, 4-ounce, paperback book toward President Obama. Sajid discusses, in some detail, what occurred, on the Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors (revision 13 Oct 2010) at Knol.


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Sajid Ali Khan
book tosser
and wisdom coach

Sajid Khan, well-known Knolian, was recently the subject of many news and blog posts, due to his throwing or tossing a 122-page, 4-ounce, paperback book toward President Obama, during an Oct 2010 campaign event in Philadelphia.  Sajid discusses, in some detail, what occurred, on the Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors (revision 13 Oct 2010) at Knol.  His book is called, "How To Become Wise."  One blogger Merrill Matthews, whimsically asks the question : "Which Book Would You Throw at the President?"

In there, defending his actions, he states : "All this talk of me trying a cheap publicity stunt are a reflection of what we have become as humans. If you look at my history all I have tried to do is try to wake up President Obama to the fact that trying to fix regular intelligence education will not improve much the real mess in education. The real mess is in emotional intelligence education which is more or less neglected. All this race to the top money is again going to find ways to invest money in improving math and science while the bigger problem is the lack of emotional intelligence education. I have handed the President some of my articles in the past, which I am sure he must have read."

He actually wished to hand the President his book, but a fence was in the way, and the secret service told him he could not approach any closer, he says. "I had no other way.  I had to take my chances." "I aimed it about ten feet from the Vice President."  Narayana Rao in a jeu de mote retorts, "There are better ways to pitch your book."
The book "How to Become Wise"
is available
to purchase here at Amazon

Brad Franko of NBC reports : "Agents saw the man throw the book, they detained and interviewed him and determined he was not a threat."   You can see the book in a flash of white right behind his head at time 0:25 and 0:26 in this YouTube video.  Also reported in this video by CBSNewsOnline, and this one by the Associated Press.

The book was not "hurled at his head" as some bloggers are reporting, and actually landed several feet away from the President, behind him on the stage.  Sajid states that he threw the small book toward Joe Biden's feet.  The videos which exist, show the book flashing behind the president's head, but it's not close to him.  He didn't even seem to notice that the event had occurred.  Sajid states that the secret service man who interviewed him, "...said that according to procedure he will file a report and send it with the book to the White House. Then he let me go with a warning that if I did anything like this again I would be banned from any future rallies."

The paperback book was published in 2010 by Cutting Edge Institute

Amazon contains this Product Preview:
"This book offers the guidance to learn exactly what is wisdom and how one can become wise. All the philosophers from the ancient times to the present have tried and failed to define wisdom beyond defining it by its attributes. Sajid has taken wisdom from the realm of philosophy and put it firmly in the realm of science. The 200 aphorisms contained here, first published as 'knols' on the web, give exact insights into the nature of the self and how it can be mastered. Lack of emotional intelligence education is a very big factor in the current world mess from economics to education and everything else in between. This book provides practical answers to many of these problems. It provides an opportunity to create a super mature society through emotional intelligence education which at the highest super mature stage is wisdom. These knollettes are remarkable for their beautiful clearness and simplicity of form. Wisdom is no longer a mystery any more and everyone can become wise."
It is not clear if this is the identical text published by Sajid here:
Capitalizing on his new-found celebrity, Sajid has updated his nickname (as of 17 Oct 2010) to "Obamabook Thrower".  He has just written a new Knol entitled: "How Vice President Joe Biden saved the day for America, for the Secret Service and for me


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Kalle Schwarz - 19 Oct 2010

Yes, Kalle deserves it.

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Narayana Rao - 19 Oct 2010

Kalle gets the highly sought "Funniest quote of the week" award.

Will Johnson - 18 Oct 2010

it surely looks like the holy spirit .

Kalle Schwarz - 16 Oct 2010

Dear KS:
Thank you very much. But you did not answer my question, What does the picture look like. Is it like a bird or a book?

Sajid Khan - 16 Oct 2010

I linked your page with the picture of president obama on the top of bulletin board .

Kalle Schwarz - 15 Oct 2010

Thanks WJ

Sajid Khan - 13 Oct 2010

I added this knol to interesting new knols

I think company knowledge content pages will be very much within Knol content policy rules.

Knol content policy may change over time also.

Narayana Rao - 13 Oct 2010

I welcome any and all commercial activity on Knol, as does the TOS.

Will Johnson - 13 Oct 2010

Dear Will:

My friends are telling me that I should delete my book knols from the web so people can find my work just through my book. But please mention that my goal is not to make money from my books. So I am leaving the knols * How To Become Wise Part 1 My First Book and * How to become wise - 2: My first book of 200 Twitter knols on the web. Because I need to reach especially those who are poor and cannot afford to pay. So those who cannot afford to buy can read the book on the knol platform.

The book is available on kindle and will soon be available as a Google ebook. My second book, 'Wisdom' is or should be available on kindle soon.

Hey Will! you are quite a guy.

Sajid Khan - 18 Oct 2010

I think that even if you have your book for free online, that people will still buy a copy if they might want to take it with them where they don't have ready access to a computer. Some people simply like to read a printed book much better than a computer screen also.

Will Johnson - 18 Oct 2010