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I show you how to make up your own stock market quote link blanks


Written 2010 by Will Johnson
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Half the battle is finding a unique Google phrase isn't it?  At any rate, in this article I'm going to try to create a link blank table, that I can use to quickly jump to my favorite stock evaluation tools.  So for example, let's start with Abbott Laboratories (ABT).  To what tools do we want to link?
How about Google Finance ABT, Yahoo Finance ABT, MSN Money ABT, and Morningstar ABT
How do we do this magically without the need to constantly Google every query?  Let's start by exposing the filthy URLs for what they really are.
Google Finance:
Yahoo Finance:
MSN Money:
Notice the ABT in every one of these links.  Guess what else you could plug into that spot?  That's right, anything you want.
But, what sort of things do we want to review on these sites, in order to choose a good stock?

Morningstar gives us "star ratings" from one to five, although I'm not certain to how many stocks they actually give a "one star".  It would be interesting to see a chart of the relative percentage of five, four, three, two and one-stars.  Morningstar also gives us a "Fair Value" price, which is there idea of what the stock should actually be worth, if it weren't beaten down or zazooed up.  They give a price at which you should buy it, and a price at which you should sell it.

MSN Money, gives a rating from 1 to 10, and based on analysts calls, gives a rating from Strong Buy to Strong Sell, indicating what the money managers are thinking of the stock.  They also tell us the Motley Fool CAPS Rating for the stock.

Yahoo Finance, gives a price they believe the stock will be at in one year.  They also tell us the Yield, if the stock pays a divided at all, and the Ex-dividend date, which is the date on which you must be holding the stock, in order to get that dividend.  The dividend is not paid on that date, you just have to be the owner of the stock on that date.


The chart that pops up in Google is at URL: which means that we can make it come right to us by embedding this URL into an article like this:

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could make a table here, that embeds all the relevant details from these other sites?  I don't think that's possible but we can make a table like this.  I added that Chart as the smallest possible version, but when you make your own page, you can choose to make it larger.  If you click on my Chart below, you will see a larger version on it's own webpage.

 Stock  Google

It's too bad Knol does not allow the use of the META tag, so we can't auto-refresh the page, and we can't forward the page to itself using that tag.  Maybe someone else has a tricky way to make this page auto-refresh?

I poked around in Google Gadgets and was able to find two Stock quote Gadgets which can run inside Knol.  The first one below, allows you to add symbols to the display list, right from this page, but if you refresh the page, or close the page and reopen it, your list is gone and so you have to add them again.  The second gadget allows you to pre-select a list of symbols to display when you set it up, but you cannot add new ones, and also it seems to not be able to properly show stock quotes past two.  I tried to make it show ABT, PFE, XOM and GE and you can see how it messed up.

Stock portfolioThe author of this gadget, wrote to me and suggested I visit:
in order to set the parameters for the gadget.

Below we're supposed to see ABT, PFE, XOM and GE
My Portfolio [Edit]

When a tool doesn't exist, or seem to exist, I have a tendency to want to make one, so I've taken a long divergence into How to create Google Gadgets so I could figure out both what's wrong with the gadgets I'm trying to use, and how hard it would be to make my own.