Ahnentafel "Ancestor Table" of Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales

Ancestry of Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales

Family Tree of Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales


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Charles the Prince of Wales married Diana Spencer.  They had two children: William and Henry.
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Charles and Diana separated.  After Diana's death, Charles married on  9 Apr 2005 to Camilla Parker-Bowles who was then made Duchess of Cornwall.

Ahnentafel "Ancestor Table" of Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales

  1. Charles Philip Arthur Windsor, Prince of Wales.  Charles was born 14 Nov 1948 at Buckingham Palace, England.  He married firstly to Diana Frances Spencer who then became Princess of Wales.  They had two children William 1982 and Henry "Harry" 1984.  Charles and Diana were separated for several years when she died in 1997 in a car accident.  In 2005, Charles married secondly to Camilla (Shand) Parker-Bowles who then became Duchess of Cornwall. Charles eldest child, William married Kate Middleton 29 Apr 2011 at Westminster Abbey.  (See Also: the Ancestry of Prince William and Kate Middleton)
  2. Philip, Prince /Mountbatten/
  3. Elizabeth II, Queen of /England/ 1952-
  4. Andrew, Prince of /Greece/
  5. Alice, Princess of /Battenberg/
  6. George VI, King of /England/ 1936-52
  7. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite /Bowes-Lyon/
  8. William George Oldenburg, King of /Greece/ as "George I"
  9. Olga, Princess /Constantinovna/
  10. Louis, Prince of /Battenberg/
  11. Victoria Alberta, Princess of /Hesse/
  12. George V, King of /England/ 1910-36
  13. Mary "May" of Teck, Queen of /England/
  14. Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of /Strathmore/ and Kinghorne
  15. Nina Cecilia /Cavendish-Bentinck/
  16. Christian (I) IX, King of /Denmark/
  17. Louise, Princess of /Hesse-Cassel/
  18. Constantine Nikolaievitch, Grand Duke of /Russia/
  19. Elizabeth Alexandra, Duchess of /Russia/
  20. Alexander, Prince of /Hesse/ and the Rhine
  21. Julia von Hauke, Princess of /Battenberg/
  22. Louis IV, Grand Duke of /Hesse/
  23. Alice Maud Mary, Princess of /England/
  24. Edward VII, King of /England/ 1901-10
  25. Alexandra, Princess of /Denmark/
  26. Francis Paul Charles, Duke of /Teck/
  27. Mary Adelaide "Fat Mary", Duchess of /Teck/
  28. Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl of /Strathmore/ and Kinghorne
  29. Frances Dora /Smith/
  30. Charles /Cavendish-Bentinck/
  31. Caroline Louisa /Burnaby/
  32. Frederick William, Duke of /Schleswig/
  33. Louise Caroline, Princess of /Hesse-Cassel/
  34. William, Landgrave of /Hesse-Cassel/
  35. Louise Charlotte, Princess of /Denmark/
  36. Nicholas I Romanov, Tsar of /Russia/
  37. Charlotte, Princess of /Prussia/
  38. Joseph, Duke of /Saxe-Altenburg/
  39. Amalie, Duchess of /Wurttemberg/
  40. Auguste Louis, Freiherr von /Senarclens-Grancy/
  41. Wilhelmina, Princess of /Baden/
  42. John Maurice, Count von /Hauke/
  43. Sophie la /Fontaine/
  44. Charles, Prince of /Hesse/
  45. Elizabeth, Princess of /Prussia/
  46. Albert Augustus Charles, Prince of /Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/
  47. Victoria, Queen of /England/ 1837-1901
  48. Albert Augustus Charles, Prince of /Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/
  49. Victoria, Queen of /England/ 1837-1901
  50. Christian (I) IX, King of /Denmark/
  51. Louise, Princess of /Hesse-Cassel/
  52. Alexander, Duke of /Wurttemberg/
  53. Claudine, Countess /Rhedey/
  54. Adolphus of Hanover, Duke of /Cambridge/
  55. Augusta, Princess of /Hesse-Cassel/
  56. Thomas George Lyon-Bowes, Lord /Glamis/
  57. Charlotte /Grimstead/
  58. Oswald /Smith/ of Blendon Hall, co Kent; esq
  59. Henrietta Mildred /Hodgson/
  60. William Charles /Cavendish-Bentinck/
  61. Anne /Wellesley/
  62. Edwyn /Burnaby/ of Baggrave Hall, co Leic
  63. Anne Caroline /Salisbury/
  64. Friedrich Carl Ludwig, Duke von /Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck/
  65. Friederike, Grafin von /Schlieben/
  66. Charles, Landgrave of /Hesse-Cassel/
  67. Louise, Princess of /Denmark/
  68. Frederick, Landgrave of /Hesse-Cassel/
  69. Caroline, Princess of /Nassau-Usingen/
  70. Frederick, Prince of /Denmark/
  71. Sophia Frederica of /Mecklenburg-Schwerin/
  72. Paul I Romanov, Emperor of /Russia/
  73. Maria Feodorovna of /Wurttemberg/
  74. Frederick William III, King of /Prussia/
  75. Louise of /Mecklenburg-Strelitz/
  76. Frederick, Duke of /Sachsen-Altenburg/ 1826-1834
  77. Charlotte Georgina Luise Friederike, Countess of /Mecklenburg-Strelitz/
  78. Ludwig, Duke of /Wurttemberg/
  79. Henriette of /Nassau/
  80. Cesar August, Freiherr von /Senarclens-Grancy/
  81. Elisabeth Claudine Marie Rose de /Loriol/
  82. Karl Ludwig, Prince of /Baden/
  83. Amalie Friederike, Landgravine von /Hessen-Darmstadt/
  84. Friedrich Carl Emanuel /Hauck/
  85. Maria Salome /Schweppenhauser/
  86. Franz Anton Leopold la /Fontaine/
  87. Maria Theresa /Kornely/
  88. Louis II, Grand Duke of /Hesse/ and the Rhine
  89. Wilhelmina, Princess of /Baden/
  90. William, Prince of /Prussia/
  91. Maria Anna, Landgravine of /Hesse-Homburg/
  92. Ernest I, Duke of /Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld/
  93. Louise of /Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg/
  94. Edward Augustus Hanover, Duke of /Kent/
  95. Victoria Mary Louisa of /Saxe-Coburg/
  96. Frederick William, Duke of /Schleswig/
  97. Louise Caroline, Princess of /Hesse-Cassel/
  98. William, Landgrave of /Hesse-Cassel/
  99. Louise Charlotte, Princess of /Denmark/
  100. Ludwig, Duke of /Wurttemberg/
  101. Henriette of /Nassau/
  102. Ladislaus von Kis-Rhede, Count /Rhedey/
  103. Agnes von /Inczedy/
  104. George III, King of /England/ 1760-1820
  105. Sophie Charlotte of /Mecklenburg-Strelitz/
  106. Frederick, Landgrave of /Hesse-Cassel/
  107. Caroline, Princess of /Nassau-Usingen/

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