John Seymour, 19th Duke of Somerset


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As one of the Ten Dukes a Dining, I wanted to show that he as well, is descended from Richard Cecil.  So here is some research on his ancestors.

1. John Michael Edward Seymour, 19th Duke of Somerset; born 30 Dec 1952

2. Percy Hamilton Seymour, 18th Duke of Somerset; born 27 Sep 1910; married Oct/Dec 1951 Westminster, co Mdx (Source: England & Wales Marriage Index); died 15 Nov 1984

3. Gwendoline Collette Thomas of Bude, Cornwall; born Oct/Dec 1913 Upton-upon-Severn, co Worc (Source: England & Wales, FreeBMD 1837-1915) "mother's maiden name Scott-Brown"; married Oct/Dec 1951 Westminster, co Mdx (Source "Evening Times", 12 Nov 1954) (Source: England & Wales Marriage Index); died 18 Feb 2005 aet 91


4. Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, 17th Duke of Somerset; born 1 May 1882 Ceylon/Sri Lanka; resident 1891 Keymer, Sussex; resident 1901 Kensington, London; married Jan/Mar 1906 Kensington.  Certificate 406, marriage at St Stephen's in Kensington, London, 3 Jan 1906, married in the parish church, Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, age 23, bachelor, Lieutenant, resident at Battevant, co Cork, father Edward Hamilton Seymour, Colonel; Edith Mary Parker, age 22, Spinster, resident at 4 Arthurstone Terrace S.W., father W Parker, J.P.deceased.  Witnesses: Blanche Leymond ?, Robert Collins, Rowena Seymour, Douglas H Baird"

5. Edith Mary Parker; age 22 at her Jan 1906 marriage; married 3 Jan 1906 St Stephen's Kensington as "Edith Mary Parker", daughter of W Parker J.P. deceased

6. Major John Cyril Collette Thomas married as "John Cyril C Thomas" Oct/Dec 1909 St George Hanover Square, London (Source : England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage index 1837-1915)

7. Jessie Maud Scott-Brown married Oct/Dec 1909 as "Jessie M Scott-Brown" at St George Hanover Square, London (Source : England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage index 1837-1915)


8. Edward Hamilton Seymour, 16th Duke of Somerset 1925- ; born 12 May 1860 Heworth, Hampshire; sixth child; Dublin Fusiliers; married 28 Jul 1881 Rowena Wall; resident 1901 Kensington, London; died 5 May 1931

9.Rowena Wall; born Jul 1861 Didsbury, co Lanc; baptized 28 Jul 1861 Saint James, Didsbury, co Lanc (Batch C005292 wj); married 28 Jul 1881 Edward Hamilton Seymour; resident 1891 Keymer, Sussex possibly separated; resident 1901 Kensington, London; died 13 Nov 1950 Battle, co Sussex

10. W. Parker, J.P., of Whittington Hall, co Derby; dead by Jan 1906.  There is a Derbyshire will for a William Parker of Whittington dated 1893, perhaps this is him. (Source).

16. Francis Payne Seymour, born 23 Dec 1815 Bath, co Somerset; first son; "Rev" by 1848 when also "of Castle Grove, Bampton, Devon";  married 13 Sep 1848 at Wonstan, Hampshire; first wife; resided 1851 Bampton, co Devon; curate Huntsham -1851-; rector Hannington 1854-59; rector Havant, Hampshire 1857/9-1870; married secondly Blanche Catherine Ward 4 Nov 1862; died 10 Jul 1870 East Leigh, Southampton; "Aged 54"

17.Jane Margaret Dallas bap. 27 Jan 1828 Burford, co Oxford (Batch C024411 wj); "second daughter" (so said in 1848); died 25 Oct 1860 Wonston Rectory, Hampshire


18. George Wall of Colombo, Ceylon; coffee merchant; born 20 Dec 1820 near Manchester; died 18 Dec 1894. "Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 55; Volumes 1894-1895" : "GEORGE WALL was born 1820 December 20 in the neighbourhood of Manchester He was educated at home and on account of his weak health he went out to Ceylon in 1846 and founded in 1854 the firm of George Wall & Co Coffee Merchants and Estate Agents in Colombo In 1856 57 he filled the office of Chairman of the Planters Association and in 1858 was elected Planting Member of the Legislative Council He returned to England in 1859 and till 1863 was partner in the firm of Sir Joseph Whitworth & Co Manchester and took a leading part in the manufacture and testing of their small arms which created so profound a sensation in military circles at that time. [child Rowena baptized at Didsbury, Lanc 1861 wj] Mr Wall again went to Ceylon in 1863 and in 1866 was elected Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce he came back to England in 1868 as delegate representing the Colony in the Parliamentary inquiry into the affairs of Ceylon and on his return was again Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce from 1874 to 1879 Up to this time Mr Wall had a good observatory at each of his two residences and devoted much time and expense to astronomical studies But in 1879 ne nrm f George Wall fc Co failed chiefly through the devastation of the coffee crops by blight and from this time his more reduced circumstances as well as failing eyesight prevented his further pursuit of astronomy In 1892 the Cobden Club awarded their gold medal to Mr Wall for his services in connection with the abolition of the Ceylon Grain Tax He was twice married and leaves a widow and thirteen children He died 1894 December 18 Mr Wall was a Fellow of the Linnean Society and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society 1872 February 9 He was the author of several books including an abstruse work entitled The Natural History of Thought "

19. Mary Ann Maddock; married George Wall 1 Dec 1856 (contradicting his bio above) Manchester Cathedral co Lanc (Batch M097894 wj)


32. Francis Edward Seymour of Bath; armiger; C.R.N.; born 28 Sep 1788 London; married 4 Feb 1815 Elizabeth Cooke; resident 1851 Bampton, co Devon "Francis E Seymour, 62, Commander Royal Navy, half pay, born London"

33. Elizabeth Cooke; born 1788/1789 "aged 62" in 1851; born in London; second daughter of her father; resident 1851 Bampton, co Devon "Elizabeth Seymour, 62, born London"

34. Alexander Robert Charles "Alex R C" Dallas, lawyer, writer and translator, curate, rector of Wonston, Hants.; born 29 Mar 1791; Colchester, co Essex; "youngest but one" of seven children (not youngest!); bap. 23 Apr 1791 St Peter's, Colchester; he is present at the Battle of Waterloo 1815; married Mary Anne Edge 4 May 1818 Morden, Surrey (Batch M020468 wj) first wife; six children, two died as infants; edited a book "Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron From the Year 1808 to the End of 1814", which had been written by his father Robert; resident 1841 Wonstan, Hampshire possibly separated as his wife does not appear; resident 1851 Wonstan, Hampshire; died 12 Dec 1869 Wonston, Hampshire

35. Mary Anne Ferguson; "aged 18" when she married firstly to lawyer James Edge, esq in 11 Mar 1813 at Saint Dunstan in the East, London (Batch M001431 wj); they had a child Mary Ann Edge, baptized 11 Jun 1814 Saint Clement Danes, London (Batch C041601 wj); James died "in his 65th year" in 9 Apr 1817 and was buried in the churchyard of the Inner Temple, she received a dower; married Alexander Robert Charles "Alex R C" Dallas, 4 May 1818 Morden, Surrey (Batch M020468 wj) first wife; died 6 Oct 1847 "while on a visit to her daughter at Boulogne".  Seems probable that this daughter was her first, Mary Ann Edge.  This daughter married on 20 May 1837 at Wanston to Edward Hilliard, esq of the 10th Hussars.


64. Francis Compton Seymour; second son of his father; married 3 Sep 1787 as her second husband Leonora Hudson; died 1822

65. Leonora Hudson; married 3 Sep 1787 as her second husband Francis Compton Seymour; died 10 Jun 1795 "Aged 41" M.I. Wells Cathedral

66. Charles Cooke of Bath; esq

68. Robert Charles Dallas; lawyer, writer; born 1754 at Kingston, Jamaica where his father Robert Dallas of Dallas Castle was a physician; educated at Musselburgh; entered the Inner Temple, returned to Jamaica aged 25 at or around the time of his father's death; visited England three years later and there married Sarah Harding; his son Alex mentions that they were married on 24 June but does not mention the year; he returned again to Jamaica for a short time; his sister Henrietta Charlotte (d.1793) was married to George Anson Byron (d.1793), uncle of the author Lord Byron and mother of the next Lord; Robert then moved to France until the French Revolution whereupon he moved to America but then again returned to France; lived in or near London 1808-1815 from where he continued writing and became the literary agent to Lord Byron for the publication of his "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage"; held several copyrights as gifts from Byron including CHP; moved to Havre in 1815 or shortly afterward; Wrote (among many other works) "Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron From the Year 1808 to the End of 1814" which after a lengthy court battle was edited by his son Alex and published in 1824; died Oct or Nov 1824 at Ste Adresse, Normandy; buried at Havre, his widow survived him.

69. Sarah Harding; born 25 Apr "third daughter of her father", baptised 29 Apr 1763 at Hornchurch, co Essex (Batch C042221 wj); living 1815-1824 at Havre, France; living 1832


70. Robert Ferguson

128. Very Rev. Lord Francis Seymour

138 Benjamin Harding; second son; of Blue Hole, Jamaica and Hacton House, co Essex; married his second wife on 27 Nov 1754; died 30 Mar 1766 Hornchurch, co Essex

139 Sarah Newman; died 17 Nov 1780

140. Adam Ferguson (1723-1816), professor and historian

256. Edward Seymour (1695-1757), 8th Duke of Somerset 1750-

276. John Harding of Blue Hole, Jamaica and of Hacton, co Essex; died 1728

277. Anne Haughton

278. Richard Newman of Westham Abbey, co Essex; living 1756

512. Edward Seymour, 5th Bart of Berry Pomeroy

1024. Edward Seymour of Bury Pomeroy; 4th Bnt; he is also ancestor 544 in the Ancestry of Princess Diana