Recurring floating dream


Written 2010 by Will Johnson
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I have a recurring dream that I'm floating.  Or perhaps you might say gliding.
floating upright over the sidewalk
and gliding along by
pointing my finger in the direction I want to travel
I'm a bad artist what can I say?

Usually the dream begins with me outside somewhere, in a city scene, on a sidewalk with other people around me.  Buildings, cars, whatever, a normal city scene.  I'm standing upright, except, my feet are not on the sidewalk, but rather I'm floating about two to six feet higher.  Just staying still.

I either concentrate on moving in a certain direction, or it seems to help if I point, with my outstretched arm in a certain direction.  I will then start moving in that direction, still floating two to six feet above the surroundings.  I can go even higher, if I concentrate on doing that, but this height seems to be my relaxed state.  I know that I'm on my way to somewhere, like an important meeting, but in my dreams, it doesn't seem particularly important exactly what it is, just that I'm going to it.

The place where I'm at, changes from dream to dream, but nothing else in the dream repeats, except my surprise that nobody seems to notice.  Other people are around me, they don't seem to really notice that someone is gliding by them, four feet off the ground.  And in my dream, I actually am aware that I am doing something unusual, and I'm aware that people aren't noticing.  And I'm aware that it's odd that people aren't noticing.  The emotions I register in the dream are of being in control of the situation, that I know I have this unique power, but a bit of surprise or curiosity as to why people around me aren't noticing this oddity.

I've had this dream, perhaps fifteen times or so in the past twenty years.

So psychoanalyze that.


Good that you added an image

Nice. Bad artist? Useful one Yes.

Narayana Rao - 29 Oct 2010

no one can analyse your dream

only god can .
as you know, knol is a spiritual world (holy spirit ;-) .
we all are standing upright, exept our feet are not on the sidewalk, but rather we are floating about two to six feet higher. just staying still.
you as a computer guru can move in this world, perhaps showing others the direction or seeking a community for a common work .
seams this knol shows us the way to an important meeting (new board ?) .

Kalle Schwarz - 28 Oct 2010

Visited the knol

But no idea of what to say.

May be I shall reach three figure mark in adsense income for the first time this month. Touch and go situation at the moment.

Narayana Rao - 28 Oct 2010