Wjhonson's Fifty Most Recent Knols

My fifty (or so) most recent knols, with a brief description of each one, and the number of views each has received so far.


Written 2010 by Will Johnson
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Knol provides a Search Toolkit which is highly customizable, so that I can create a search just on my own Knols, showing the list of what's been created most recently.  I don't know if there is a way to make the list programmatically pop-up, when you visit this page or not.  If you click the link you will see the most up-to-date list.  But the below list, is as of  8 Dec 2010.

  1. Watch Walt Disney Movies Free Online Now
  2. Watch Kirk Douglas Movies Free Online Now
  3. Ralph Hodges in 1947's "Heading for Heaven" Ralph Hodges in 1947's "Heading for Heaven" Ralph Hodges in 1947's "Heading fo...
  4. (sHdc) The only detailed biography of Irene Ryan, known to exist on the Internet
  5. Chairpotato Presents: Movies on Internet Archive, sorted by popularity. Showing name, year, views (as of 23 Dec 2010) and...
  6. Front portal to all the known Movies knols
  7. Scrooge (1935) Views: 49
    (cHdc) Watch right now for free, Scrooge (1935) on YouTube
  8. List of the differences between the book and the film: The Wizard of Oz
  9. Charles A Burch Views: 34
    Charles A Burch
  10. (wHd) Gateway to all things "Gay and Lesbian" on Knol

  11. [Edit]
  12. (cHdc) Chairpotato Presents: Marvel Animation Channel
  13. (cHdc) Watch these Twilight Zone episodes, right now, for free on CBS.com
  14. My Most Popular Knols for the week ending 17 Dec 2010
  15. (cHdc) Watch for free "Absolutely Fabulous" the television series, right now on YouTube
  16. (wHdc) List of Will Johnson's articles at MovieLegends
  17. (wHd) Ringworm (Tinea Corporis, Tinea Faciei) : Causes, recognition, prevention and treatment (Page 3)
  18. (cHdc) Watch right now for free, The Phantom of the Opera (1989) on YouTube
  19. (wHdc) Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date, newest first

  20. [Edit]
  21. (wHdc) Is conflict resolution possible in a society which lacks compulsion ?
  22. (wHdc) Wikipedia Timeline
  23. (wHd) Most Embarrassing Things to Buy at the Drugstore
  24. (wHdc) Wjhonson's Knols Sorted by Pageviews, as of 10 Dec 2010
  25. (fHdc) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), explained in detail
  26. (cHdc) How It Should Have Ended, sorted by Popularity
  27. (wHd) List of Over the Counter Drugs
  28. (fHdc) Best Content Management System (CMS)

  29. [Edit]
  30. (wHdc) The finest biography of Anne Boleyn yet produced
  31. (wHdc) Wikipedia as a Police State
  32. Police State Views: 131
    A list of Knols which include the phrase "Police State", sorted by number of views
  33. SantaCruzTutors has a webpage at SantaCruzTutors You need tutoring and you're in Santa Cruz County! Where else would you g...
  34. Wine Portal Views: 130
    (wHd) Gateway to all articles related to "Wine" on Knol
  35. A cautionary tale - a self-publishing nightmare.

  36. [Edit]
  37. Chairpotato Presents: Father's Little Dividend (1951) Views: 150
  38. Documenting Death Views: 190
    (wHdc) Collecting documents related to the death of your genealogy target
  39. Show business and pop stars Knol book Views: 253
  40. This Knol explores a part of the family tree of Billie Burke
  41. (cHdc) Billie Burke (1884-1970), biography and movie links
  42. (cHdc) Chairpotato Presents: American Film Actors who died in 1970
  43. (wHdc) My Top Pick Knols and a few of their characteristics
  44. (fHdc) From "Pick Hits" 1988, I extract a list of all Pick Dealers in California, and then attempt to discover if they sti...
  45. Companies that used the Pick Operating System, but no longer do.
  46. (wHdc) A tiny bit of investigation into The Barbi Twins

  47. [Edit]
  48. Lancer by Soundcraftsmen Views: 57
  49. (wHd) My Pageviews This Week, as of 20 Nov 2010
  50. (cHdc) My own list of famous gay actors.
  51. My Standard Header 2010 Views: 51
  52. Jet Ski Across the Pacific Ocean Views: 297
    Google Maps directions from Shanghai, China to Kagoshima, Japan includes a command to "Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean" J...
  53. (wHd) I evaluate and report of those sites where you can upload a GEDCOM.
  54. Crime Portal Views: 209
    (wHd) Gateway to all articles related to "Crime" on Knol
  55. The most notorious cases in the FBI's records.