Review of the Best National MLS Websites

Which MLS site is the best ? A Review

In this review I look at various MLS websites that boast nation-wide coverage. I compare and contrast them showing which ones are best for which desirable features.


The contenders

I made this list of contenders by simply typing "MLS real estate" and noting the top hits that appeared to offer more than just local coverage.


I looked for real estate in the town of Everett, Washington.


Ziprealty immediately tells me, without a search, that there are 1276 listings. (See here)  That site allows me to specify Single Family, Condo, Land or Multi-Family and allows selecting multiple cities at once if so desired.  For example you could look for Everett, and it's neighbor Marysville, all in a single search instead of two seperate searches.  I chose only Multi-Family and price from 0 to $500,000, the result came up fairly quickly, but you have to register now in order to go any further on this site, or view the thumbnails of the properties.


Next I went to which provides a national map on its home page where you click on a state to proceed.  But oops... when I click on Washington, it just directs me to HomeGain. 


Next I went to  The map on the home looks suspiciously the same as and yes, surprise, after clicking through a few screens to narrow the search to one area, I get directed again to HomeGain.


Okay so evidently HomeGain is where it's at.  But, after another selection or two — I get directed to Ziprealty.  So the apparent diversity of MLS sites is deceiving.  It seems that all or most of the "national" sites are merely redirect engines, and in the case of Everett at any rate, it seems all roads point to Ziprealty.


On Ziprealty you can, once you are registered and logged in, save your search results, and set these up to email you any updates.  I like this feature tremendously, and I had forgotten until I made this Knol, that I had previously registered with Ziprealty.  Once I logged back in, there was my old search, so I could just click on it, to see the complete list of hits based on my criteria.

Today however, I wanted to make a narrower search just for Condos.  From the saved search page (here) it is not really apparent how you add a new search to an existing search area.  After sending the webmaster a note on that, I poked around and found that if you simply *do* another search, you are then given the option of saving it and naming it whatever you want.  So I saved a new search as EverettCondos.  It would be nice if there was a way to deep-link from my web page directly to this results page, but I can't see how.

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RE: New National MLS Initiative

Hi Will,

A national MLS is a void begging to be filled. When I discovered that the existing "solutions" were, in effect, spawned off of each other, I decided to try a fresh approach by inter-networking existing REALTOR® websites that utilize local/regional IDX feeds, which tie into each MLS. The overall interface is similar, using a map of the US and state drill-down. What differentiates the "National MLS Access Point" from the other impersonal approaches is that only graduates of the REALTOR® Institute qualify for inclusion. This pre-qualification assures that if a consumer contacts the agent after using their site as an on-ramp to the MLS, they will be dealing with a REALTOR® who has a commitment to the profession and will give a high level of service.

NMAP was launched in February and is beginning to grow. While there are many counties not yet represented, it is on-line and may be found by going to: . Interested REALTOR®-GRIs should reference for more information on participation.

Anonymous - 25 Mar 2009