Salem Witch Trials, the cast

Names of all those who participated in the so-called Salem Witch Trials, which are better called the "Salem serial murder of innocent victims by judges, ministers and serial killers." Twenty innocent people were murdered, including two dogs.


Written 2010 by Will Johnson
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Salem Village should not be confused with Salem Town.  Salem Village is today called Danvers, Massachusetts.  I will not mince words here as others have, the girls, the judges, the ministers were nothing short of serial murderers.  I will not stoop to calling them "the afflicted".  They should live in history as what they are, murderers of innocent victims who had no ability to defend themselves.  They were monsters, pure and simple, not "afflicted children", not "men of God temporarily led astray", or whatever nonsense they used to excuse themselves.  They were agents of malicious Evil.  Their bodies should be dug up, drug through the streets, ground into dust and dumped in a sewer.

Rev Samuel Parris (1653-1720), minister at Salem Village from 1689, finally evicted from his post in 1695
Elizabeth "Betty" Parris (1682-1760), aged 9 in 1692, his daughter, first serial killer, her demented acting out started the hysteria, her younger brother died insane

Nathaniel Ingersoll (1634-1719), deacon at Salem Village and also ran the ordinary or tavern
Ezekial Cheever
first secretary at the initial hearing, and also son of the famous schoolmaster also named Ezekial Cheever
John Indian, serial killer
Tituba, consort of John Indian. Serial killer who set-off the hysteria by telling wildly extravagent witchcraft fantacies which the stupid citizens of Salem Village believed.  And which caused them then to start murdering their neighbors.

Dr William Griggs, physician living in Salem Village in 1692, the idiot who decided that a condition which he could not diagnose, probably a form of hysteria, must be the work of Satan and thus deliberately setoff the entire wave of murder.

George Jacobs, Sr
John Proctor
Elizabeth Proctor
Thomas Putnam (1652-99)
Anne (Carr) Putnam (1661-99), wife of Thomas
Rev Nicholas Noyes, second pastor of the First Church of Salem in 1692
Rev John Hale, minister at Beverly in 1692
Bridget Bishop, murdered
George Burroughs, murdered
Mary English, accused, wife of Philip.
Locked up in prison for some months, she died soon after her release, another murdered victim of the monsters who called themselves men of God and the law. May their spirits be tortured for all eternity.
Phillip English, accused, husband of Mary
Martha Corey, murdered
John Willard, murdered
Sarah Good, murdered

Lydia Dustin, died in prison while awaiting her chance to be murdered
Mary Sibley, aunt of Mary Walcott
Sarah Osborne, accused, married first to Samuel Prince, secondly to William Osburne
Dorcas Good, accused (her name was not Dorothy, but Dorcas)
Dorcas Good at the age of four was locked in a prison by monsters calling themselves men of God.  May they undergo eternal torture of the worst possible kind.  She was kept in prison for nine months and went insane.  Later she was partially cured of her insanity.  She remained psychologically stunted the rest of her life.  The kind state of Massachusetts decided, much later around 1710, that for this level of judicial and theological abuse, she should get a few dollars.

John Hathorne, magistrate, living in 1692 in Salem Town
Jonathan Corwin, magistrate, living in 1692 in Salem Town
George Corwin (1666-96), sheriff of Salem Village, son of Jonathan Corwin.
Serial murderer, who was absolved of blame by the Superior Court of Massachusetts, may the judges on that court be slowly roasted for all eternity.  After his timely death, at the age of thirty "of a heart attack", Philip English left a widower by the monsters, justifiably, seized the corpse for non-payment of debt and held it until the heirs paid him sixty pounds.  Philip's stupid daughter, evidently in some sort of ridiculous attempt to heal the scars, married a son of John Hathorne's and thereby eventually produced the author Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-64).  By this act of stupidity it makes it hard for me to cast a spell of eternal torture on all the descendants !  The fool.

Rev Increase Mather (1639-1723), minister at Second Church in Boston and ambassador to England.  For the remainder of his life, he steadfastly refused to denounce the witchcraft trials.
Rev Cotton Mather (1663-1728), a zealous proponent at the time of the trials, although not directly involved in judging the accused.  He was afterward, severally condemned for his attitude and a number of times protested his public treatment.

The murderous children, serial killers of Salem 1692:
  • Anne Putnam, (1679-1716), aged 12 in 1692.  By her testimony in nineteen cases, she attempted to murder nineteen innocent people.  She apologized in 1706. She never married.
  • Elizabeth Hubbard, aged 17 in 1692.  By her testimony in twenty cases, she attempted to murder twenty innocent people.
  • Mary Walcott, (1675 - living in 1719). Aged 16 in 1692.  By her testimony in sixteen cases, she attempted to murder sixteen innocent people.
  • Mary Warren.  By her testimony in twelve cases, she attempted to murder twelve innocent people.
  • Mercy Lewis.  aged 19 in 1692.  By her testimony in ten cases, she attempted to murder ten innocent people.
  • Susanna Sheldon, aged 18 in 1692. By her testimony in ten cases, she attempted to murder ten innocent people.
  • Elizabeth Booth (b. 1678), "aged 16" in 1692.  By her testimony in ten cases, she attempted to murder ten innocent people.
  • Abigail Williams, serial killer in Salem. Cousin of Betty Parris and ward of Rev. Samuel Parris, aged 11 in 1692.  By her spitefully willful aping of her cousin's acting out, in order to gain attention, she helped start the hysteria.  By her testimony in eight cases, she attempted to murder eight innocent people.  She vanishes from the record by 1697.
  • Sarah Churchill, aged 20 in 1692.

The trials were opposed by among others, Robert Calef, a merchant of Boston, who wrote a book called "More Wonders of the Invisible World".  I have begun an attempt to create a slideshow out of the pages of that book here.  It's not yet finished.  So once again men of God are held up to round ridicule by free thinkers.