Nancy Cusumano

Nancy Maniscalco Miracle, claiming that Marilyn Monroe's real name was Nancy Cusumano and that she, is Marilyn's biological daughter, appeared on the internet about 2005.


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Nancy Maniscalco Miracle
from her Facebook profile

A woman appeared on the internet about 2005 or so calling herself, Nancy Maniscalco Miracle, and claiming that Marilyn Monroe's real name was Nancy Cusumano and that she, is Marilyn's biological daughter.

Here is something this Nancy wrote up and posted to, stating that Marilyn Monroe was actually born in Marian, Illinois and moved with her parents to California.  There she had a daughter Nancy in, or by 1946, who was raised by Marilyn's sister Jennie and her husband Joe.  I don't find any child in the CABI with parents Maniscalco and Cusumano, so I suppose Maniscalco could be the name of her adoptive parents Jennie and Joe.

Here is another blurb that evidently Nancy wrote up, on lifememory, and there we learn, in the comments on the right-hand side, that evidently Nancy has written a play called "Here I Am Mother: The Real Story of Marilyn Monroe."  From the writeup there it seems likely that this Nancy was born in California, as she cites "Sacramento vital records".  Doing a Google Search for this play I get a lot of hits, possibly Nancy has been spending a lot of time blogging and posting, ya think?

I suppose she is claiming that on her birth certificate it states her mother as this Nancy Cusumano.

There is an article here on Wikio News, which claims that "Nancy Miracle, Marilyn Monroe's daughter was featured on the cover of  America Oggi magazine section on August 19 2007".  I've never heard of Oggi or America Oggi, but the person who posted links to a site called, which today (2 Nov 2010), redirects you to  I have no idea what Aol Lifestream is, but it doesn't look like anything related to Marilyn. So either this is just plain spam, or the original site is gone.

Here is Nancy's Facebook page, so you can read her updates, etc.

These postings, obviously Nancy again, under various false names, tell us that "Nancy Cusumano (aka Marilyn Monroe) has a daughter by Vincent Bruno and Johnny Roselli, Vito Genovese place the child with her aunt Jennie and uncle Joe Maniscalo."  But I don't find a Nancy Bruno, or Nancy Cusumano in the CABI.