The FBI Crimes of the Century

The most notorious criminal cases in the FBI's "History" section.


Compiled by Will Johnson,

  1. Bonnie and Clyde (Read more)
  2. The Odd Couple Bank Robbers (Read more)
  3. The Lindbergh Kidnapping (Read more)
  4. The World Trade Center Bombing
  5. The Unabomber (Read more)
  6. Jonestown Cult Murder-Suicide (Read more)
  7. The 1963 Birmingham Baptist Church Bombing (Read more)
  8. Wall Street Bombing (Read more)
  9. Hollow Nickel, Hidden Agent (Read more)
  10. Mississippi Burning (Read More)

  11. [Edit]
  12. University of Wisconsin Bombing (Read more)
  13. Harvey's Casino Bombing (Read more)
  14. D.B. Cooper (Read more) (Read more)
  15. Patty Hearst (Read more)
  16. UNIRAC (Read more)
  17. Machine Gun Kelly (Read more) (Read more)
  18. Ana Montes (Read more)
  19. John Dillinger (Read more) (Read more)
  20. Kansas City Massacre (Read more)
  21. The Palmer Raids (Read more)

  22. [Edit]
  23. Nazi spies (Read more)
  24. The Krupp diamond (Read more)
  25. The Beltway Snipers (Read more)
  26. Escape from Alcatraz (Read more)
  27. John Gotti (Read more)
  28. The Zodiac Killer (Read more)
  29. The Great Brinks Robbery (Read more)
  30. Mail Bomb Murders (Read more)
  31. Black Dahlia Murder (Read more)
  32. The PFF Sting (Read more)

  33. [Edit]
  34. Operation Lemon-Aid (Read more)
  35. 1966 KKK Firebombing (Read more)
  36. Explosion of Flight 629 (Read more)
  37. Al Capone (Read more)
  38. The Pearl Harbor spy (Read more)
  39. ABSCAM (Read more)
  40. Osage Indian Murders (Read more)
  41. Thomas Cavanaugh (Read more)
  42. "Baby Face" Nelson (Read more)
  43. Fawaz Younis (Read more)

  44. [Edit]
  45. 1916 "Black Tom" Bombing (Read more)
  46. 1986 Failed Suriname Coup (Read more)
  47. Velvalee Dickinson (Read more)
  48. Operation Greylord (Read more)
  49. Edward Young Clarke, KKK (Read more)
  50. ND-98 Double Agent (Read more)
  51. 1975 State Department Bombing (Read more)
  52. PanAm Flight 103 (Read more)
  53. The "Ludwig Ring" (Read more)
  54. 1933 Hamm Kidnapping (Read more)
  55. Operation Cable Trap (Read more)


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