Bewitched, 1964-1972, Television Series with Elizabeth Montgomery

Bewitched, 1964-1972, Television Series with Elizabeth Montgomery

Bewitched, 1964-1972, Television Series with Elizabeth Montgomery



"Bewitched" was a Television Series, originally running 254 episodes from 1964 to 1972, but continuing in syndication.  It starred Elizabeth Montgomery as "Samantha Stephens" a witch who tries to minimize the use of her powers at the behest of her mortal husband.  The husband "Darrin Stephens" was played first, from 1964 to 1969 by Dick York who had to leave the show for health reasons, secondly from 1969 to 1972 by Dick Sargent.

The main supporting actors were, Samantha's mother "Endora" played by veteran movie actress Agnes Moorehead, Darrin's boss "Larry Tate" played by David White, "Mr Cravitz" the neighbor played by George Tobias, and "Mrs Cravitz" his wife, played first by Alice Pearce, and after her death by Sandra Gould.

Additional supporting actors were Samantha's cousin "Esmerelda" played by Alice Ghostley, Samantha's uncle "Arthur" played by comedian Paul Lynde, Darrin and Samantha's daughter "Tabitha" played by Erin Murphy, Samantha's father "Maurice" played by veteran stage actor Maurice Evans, Samantha's aunt "Clara" played by comedic actress Marion Lorne.

Infrequent appearances were also made by Larry Tate's wife played first by Irene Vernon and later by Kasey Rogers, and Darrin's mother played by Mabel Albertson.

In addition, Elizabeth Montgomery also played her wacky, spaced-out cousin "Sabrina" in several episodes.

"Bewitched" was a situation-comedy.  The plot of each show began with an issue or problem that had to be resolved, and by the end of that episode the problem would be resolved.  Problems did not typically carry over from one episode to the next.

Darrin Stephens was an advertising executive, and some of the typical plotlines involved some situation or problem with a client or potential client.  Some new ad campaign deadline with Darrin not being able to come up with a good campaign.

Other typical plot lines involved malicious or kooky antics of Samantha's relatives, mostly using their magic abilities to interfere in the Stephen's relationship, or doing so accidentally, or otherwise causing havoc with the use of magic.

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