Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date

(wHdc) Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date, newest first


Written 2010 by Will Johnson
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English Knol Project

    Is is possible to make a chart like this for Wikipedia?  I ask the Wikipedia Review to see if they know.
    The statistics page for the English language Wikipedia is at this link showing that for the last month listed there, Sep 2010, 1159 new pages were being created on that site, per day

    The full URL generated by the Search Toolkit process for this type of search is:

    However, without affecting the result, this can be pruned down to just:

    You can see the dates embedded in that URL: "12/16/2010" and "12/17/2010".  Also the argument "start" tells us the page of results to display, and "num" tells us how many results to display per page.

    # of new Knols created

    January 2011

    Jan 1st was on a Saturday

     Sun Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur  Fri  Sat 
    598 987 1064 929 1008 873 508
    580 1068 1026 970 1032 786 539
    564 1031 972        

    # of new Knols created

    December 2010

    Dec 1st was on a Wednesday

     Sun Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur  Fri  Sat 
        754 753  702  401 
    559  834  838  726  729  689  502 
    558  939  841  928  951 694  477 
    607  867  987  876  782  485  334
    550  808  952  879  794  479   

    I wonder if we can determine how many articles Knol has?  If you try a blank search in the Knol Search Toolkit you will get an error stating that your request is too vague or broad or something.  However in Google we can enter a request that simply states:
    This returns 898,000 results as of Jan 2011

    Wjhonson's Knols - Total Pageviews - Independent Counter joomla stats



    Thanks Will for the interesting stats

    We see here what stock traders call a "momentum"
    Hope it attracts many "trend followers" :-)


    Peter Greenfinch - 14 Jan 2011

    Number of new knols posted doubled

    I saw on KAF Members suggestion board that I wrote sometime back that around 300 to 500 knols are being posted. Now I see that range has moved to 500 to 1000.

    As you mentioned, Knol is a strong publishing platform now.

    Narayana Rao - 25 Dec 2010

    1000 new knols

    I saw at a point in time 1000 new published knols today around 11 am on 17.12.2010 Indian Standard Time.

    You record keeping is very timely.

    Giving Wikipedia link is useful. Now knol authors can feel, Knol is progessing. Some more work from them, Knol will become a stable article publishing platform.

    Narayana Rao - 20 Dec 2010

    We can only do some guess work. Let us say 500,000. From now on from your table we can make further guesses.

    Narayana Rao - 20 Dec 2010

    Now can we determine how many articles Knol has ?

    Will Johnson - 20 Dec 2010

    Useful exercise

    The information will motivate many visitors and authors to contribute more on Knol.

    Narayana Rao - 14 Dec 2010