Book vs. film : The Wizard of Oz

List of the differences between the book and the film: The Wizard of Oz


List of the differences between the 1900 book and the 1939 film: The Wizard of Oz, in order.

 In the book  In the film
 The house in Kansas was a single room  The house had at least two rooms
 The cyclone cellar's trapdoor was in the center of the room  The cyclone cellar's trapdoor was in the yard
 The land was entirely treeless as far as the eye could see.
 There were trees in Kansas, although dead or dying.
 Uncle Henry had a long beard  Uncle Henry was clean-shaven.
 Toto had long hair
 Toto had short hair
 No farm hands were mentioned, and no Elvira Gulch who came to take Toto away.  Dorothy does not decide to run away, and she doesn't met Professor Marvel.
 Three farm hands and Miss Elvira Gulch who came to take Toto away.  When Toto returns from Elvira Gulch's clutches, is when Dorothy decides to run away.  She meets Professor Marvel, and then decides to go back home again.
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 In the book  In the film
 Dorothy once up in the cyclone, got bored of how long it was taking and fell asleep.
 Dorothy once up in the cyclone, was knocked out by the window frame coming out of the wall and hitting her in the head.
 When the house lands, several Munchkins and a witch come up to Dorothy, they are not afraid of her.  The men are wearing round hats, that come up to a point, with little bells around the brims.  The Munchkin men are all dressed in blue.
 When the house lands, the Munchkins are hiding because they are afraid of Dorothy.  Their hats have no bells on them.  The Munchkins are dressed in several colors of clothing.
 The Witch of the North had white hair, and was dressed in white, and was very old and her name was not Glinda.
 The Witch of the North had blonde hair, was dressed in light green with a gold crown, and was about 50.  Her name was Glinda. (see Billie Burke)
 The shoes the dead witch wore, were silver.
 The shoes the dead witch wore, were ruby.
 There are no scenes with the Coroner, the Mayor, the Lullaby League nor the Lollipop Guild.
 There are scenes with the Coroner, the Mayor, the Lullaby League and the Lollipop Guild.
 The Witch of the West does not appear at this point. The Witch of the West appears, in order to threaten them
 The witch's legs dried up because she was so old and the shoes were left lying on the ground, from where they picked them up, and Dorothy's puts them on the table in the house.
 Glinda's magic moved the shoes from the dead witch's feet to Dorothy's feet, and it was only at that point, that the dead witch's legs dried up.

In the book, the Witch of the North states at this point, that she does not know what the magic of the shoes is, in the film (at the end), she implies that she knew it all along.

In the book, the Witch of the North has a magic slate which informs her that Dorothy is to go to the "City of Emeralds".  In the film, she just tells her to go, the slate does not appear.

In the book, the Witch of the North kisses Dorothy on the forehead and tells her that this glowing mark will protect her as no one would dare to harm someone kissed by the Witch of the North. This does not happen in the film.

In the book the Witch of the North, twirls around and disappears.  In the movie, she disappears in a glowing bubble.

In the book, everyone goes away, and Dorothy has some bread and butter, water, picks some fruit and changes her dress before she starts on her journey to the Emerald City.  She changed into a white-and-blue checked gingham dress and a pink sunbonnet.  At this point, seeing that her shoes were old and worn, she puts on the silver shoes.  In the film we don't see her eat, she doesn't change clothes and she is never left alone, also she never wears a bonnet.
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In the book, she stopped the first night and rested with the family of a Munchkin named Boq.

In the book, the Scarecrow is dressed all in blue, but in the movie, his clothes are black.

In the book, Dorothy lifts the Scarecrow off his pole, while in the movie, she bends a nail and he falls off.

In the movie at this point, is when they try to pick apples and the trees start throwing apples at them in anger.  This scene however does not appear in the book.

In the book, the road begins to go through a forest and gets so dark they cannot see well.  They find a tiny cabin and Dorothy and Toto go to sleep inside.  The next morning, outside that cabin, is where they discover the Tin Woodman rusted up, whose cabin it is.

In the movie however, they discover him in bright light, in fact while they are picking up the apples the trees were throwing, and they are not deep in a woods yet.
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In the book, when they find the Tin Woodman, he is rusted up, but he can talk fine.  In the movie, even his jaw is rusted so all he can say is "Oilcan".  In the book, the oilcan is inside the cabin, in the movie, its lying on the ground nearby.

In the movie, they oil his mouth first, then his elbows.  In the book, he wants his neck oiled first.

In the book, the Tin Woodman tells the story of how he had once been a regular flesh Munchkin but the Wicked Witch had enchanted his axe to chop all his limbs off, one by one, which were then replaced by a tinsmith with limbs made of tin.

Now, in the movie the Witch appears again to threaten them, but she does not appear in the book at this point.