Salant Corporation


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  • Vera Neumann
    • She sold her business to Manhattan Industries, Inc in 1967.  She stayed on as creative director, expanded into sportswear for which division she hired probably in the early 70s, the then-unknown Perry Ellis (1940-1986).  The company also expanded into luggage.  Later called Vera Licensing, it was purchased [ed- along with the rest of Manhattan Industries] by Salant Corporation in 1988.  In 1999, Vera Licensing was sold to The Tog Shop.
  • Perry Ellis (brand)
    • Perry Ellis while working, probably as a buyer, for Vera Neumann whose Vera brand was then part of Manhattan Industries, was approached to design a fashion collection.  This would probably have been in the early to mid 70s.  His first women's sportswear line, called Portfolio, was presented in Nov 1976.  His labels expanded to Perry Ellis International, Perry Ellis Menswear, Perry Ellis Collection and Perry Ellis Portfolio.  All of these labels were purchased along with the entirely of Manhattan Industries in 1988 by Salant Corporation, two years after Perry's death from AIDS.
  • Cecile Platovsky
    • Her company Tricot St Raphael was purchased in 2000 by Salant
  • Ann Jordan
    • She was at one time a director of Salant

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