The 100 Dumbest Movies of All Times

according to VideoHound's Idiot's Delight

The 100 Dumbest Movies of All Times, according to VideoHound's Idiot's Delight, published by Visible Ink Press 1996 Number One is the Dumbest, thus number 100 is the not-quite-as-much-dumb. "Dumb" here does not mean "of poor quality", but rather pointless, silly, funny, makes-you-laugh-out-loud.


'''The 100 Dumbest Movies of All Times''', according to VideoHound's Idiot's Delight, published by Visible Ink Press 1996

Number One is the Dumbest, thus number 100 is the not-quite-as-much-dumb.  "Dumb" here does not mean "of poor quality", but rather pointless, silly, funny, makes-you-laugh-out-loud.

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Also see my original article on this same topic on my website at  That article was created by me, beginning Aug 2008 by first copying out the Table of Contents from the book by VideoHound's Idiot's Delight, and then trying to find these movies on YouTube.  As you can see, in a few cases I was able to find the full movie on YouTube.  In most I was able to find something about the movie, a trailer, an overview, outtakes.  In a few cases I was not able to find anything.

  1. Airplane! Funny Snippets Part I
    1. "Joey -- have you ever been in a Turkish prison?"
  2. National Lampoon's Animal House Best Parts
  3. Caddyshack One Minute Overview
  4. This Is Spinal Tap
  5. The Jerk Eight Minute Overview
  6. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Trailer
  7. Dumb and Dumber Trailer
  8. Young Frankenstein (Watch it all)
  9. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad Ten Minute Overview
  10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail : Black Knight (4 minutes), Killer Bunny (2 minutes), Holy Hand Grenade (2 minutes), Three Questions (4 minutes), Knights who say Ni (5 minutes), Coconuts (3 minutes), French Taunting (5 minutes), The Annoying Peasant (3 minutes), She's a Witch! (4 minutes), Bring Out Your Dead (2 minutes), Tale of Sir Robin (3 minutes)
  11. Sleeper Four Minutes
  12. The Pink Panther Trailer
  13. Pee Wee's Big Adventure Ten Minutes
  14. Duck Soup (Watch it all)
  15. Wayne's World Five Minutes of Funny Bits
  16. Raising Arizona (Watch it all)
  17. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ten Minutes
  18. The Nutty Professor Trailer and clips
  19. Strange Brew Trailer
  20. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka Trailer, Part 1
  21. Fast Times at Ridgemont High Trailer
  22. Blazing Saddles New Sheriff (4 minutes)
    1. "'Scuz me while I whip this out."
  23. Polyester
  24. Hot Shots! Trailer
  25. The Blues Brothers Trailer
  26. Fletch Trailer
  27. Up In Smoke Trailer
  28. Some Like It Hot Part 1, Part 2
  29. A Hard Day's Night
  30. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Trailer
  31. Revenge of the Nerds Trailer
  32. Stripes  Six Minutes
  33. Gremlins 2: The New Batch  Trailer
  34. Monty Python's Life of Brian
  35. National Lampoon's Vacations : Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation Four Minutes
  36. Back to School Three Minutes
  37. Used Cars Clip
  38. Slap Shot Trailer
  39. Ghostbusters Four Minute Overview
  40. Clueless Trailer
  41. Top Secret! Overview in Ten Minutes
  42. Better Off Dead Trailer
  43. Valley Girl Part 1
  44. Young Woody: Take the Money and Run / Bananas Eight Minutes of TMR, Six Minutes of Bananas
  45. Young Doctors In Love Trailer
  46. Home Alone Trailer
  47. Pauly Shore Film Festival: Son-in-Law / Encino Man Three Minutes of Son-in-Law
  48. History of the World: Part I
  49. Where's Poppa
  50. Kentucky Fried Movie Part 1

=51 to 60=
#Medusa: Dare to be Truthful [] []
#All You Need is Cash [ Part 1]
#Rock 'n' Roll High School [ Part 1]
#Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
#Tapeheads [ excerpt]
#The Party
#License to Drive [ Trailer]
#Tommy Boy [ Trailer] [ In Ten Minutes]
#Putney Swope

=61 to 70=
#Fatal Instinct [ Trailer] [ In Ten Minutes]
#The Groove Tube [ Trailer]
#Fear of a Black Hat
#Shakes the Clown
#The Brady Bunch Movie [ Excerpt]
#Brewster McCloud [ First Six Minutes]
#Johnny Dangerously [ Excerpt] [ Excerpt]
#Bye Bye Bernie: Weekend at Bernie's / Weekend at Bernie's II [ Weekend Part 1]
#The In-Laws
#Hanky Panky: Bachelor Party / The Money Pit [ Money Pit Trailer]

=71 to 80=
#Leningrad Cowboys Go America
#...And God Spoke
#La Chevre
#I Love You to Death
#Love at First Bite
#Summer School
#Hamburger... The Motion Picture
#Hot Dog... The Movie

=81 to 90=
#Ernest Goes to Camp
#Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
#Police Academy
#Return of the Living Dead
#House Party
#Saturday the 14th
#Major League

=91 to 100=
#Zorro, the Gay Blade
#Brain Donors
#Three O'Clock High
#The Toxic Avenger
#They Call Me Bruce?
#Queen of Outer Space
#Amazon Women On The Moon
#Beverly Hillbillies
#Cabin Boy

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Casey Mahoney Brad P Loves Wayne's World

Wayne's World was the funniest movie.I loved it.It made a ton of money.

Casey Mahoney Brad P

Casey Mahoney Brad P - 12 Nov 2011

tnx for u!

good story for me! ok

Ken Floating - 07 Sep 2011