International Spectrum Jan/Feb 2011

by Will Johnson

(fHdc) The only magazine that covers the Multivalue marketplace exclusively is International Spectrum. This is the Jan/Feb 2011 issue


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The Pick operating system is named for it's co-creator Richard A "Dick" Pick (d. 19 Oct 1994), who created it in 1965-67 along with Don Nelson.  The Pick operating system was originally specialized for generalized storage of elements in a database.  They called it a generalized information system.

The first Pick licensee was Microdata which began selling systems in 1974 under the Reality brand.  The second was a New Jersey company called The Ultimate Corp which began selling Pick systems in 1979.  In 1981-83 a dozen vendors jumped on the bandwagon when the licensee price fell along with the price of microcomputers.  This Pick implementation is referred to, in the industry, as R83.

I am a Pick / Universe BASIC contract developer,
specializing in collaborative software, social media,
Javascript, and PHP.
I am available to answer your questions by telephone, or to work on your contract software development needs. Contact me at

The only magazine that covers the Multivalue marketplace is International Spectrum, and they don't cover anything else in their magazine.  The magazine comes out six times a year.

International Spectrum, The Multivalue Technology Magazine
issue Jan/Feb 2011, $7.00 U.S.
32 pages including covers
Clear Message Initiative : Beyond the Error Code
Inside: E-mail from MultiValue
Plus! Using QuickBooks With MultiValue
page 2 - Intersystems
page 5 - Revelation Software
page 9 - Sysmark, Pick Programmers Shop
page 11 - KeyAlly
page 13 - Execu-Sys
page 15 - International Spectrum
page 16-17 - International Spectrum conference
page 19 - Asent
page 22 - International Spectrum newsletter
page 24 - SJ+ Systems Associates, MITS
page 27 - Ladybridge Systems Ltd
page 4 - From the Inside by Nathan Rector
page 6-9 - Clear Message Initiative by Susan Joslyn
page 10-11, 23 - E-Commerce Made E-Z by Bryan Shumsky
page 12-13 - Business Tech Money by Charles Barouch
page 14, 24-25 - MultiValue and Quickbooks by Mark Johnson
page 18-19 - Newsmakers:
  • Summit Professional Education using SEMtek from Entrinsik
  • Datatel appointing Barbara Polk as VP and HR and Administration
  • page 20-22 New Products
    • InterSystems adds support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Amazon EC2 Platform
    • SJ+ Systems Associates Announces Cyber-Redecoration
    • Rocket Software Announces U2 DataVu V1.1
    • New Analysis Cubes from MITS ...
    • Kourier Integrator for U2 - Release 3 Announced
    page 26-27, 29 - Sending E-mail from your MultiValue Programs (Part 1) by Nathan Rector
    page 28 - Tech Tips by anonymous
    page 31, 30, 29 Clif Notes by Clifton Oliver
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